10 Years After – Vulture Tele-photographers

10 Years After series – #1) Vulture Tele-photographers


Note: For this discussion, I am separating the use of the word “Photographer”.  Normally, I consider anyone uses some form of camera (from pin-hole to smart phone to DSLR / Mirrorless), but for the sake of clarity, I will be using “photographer” as a person who knows how to communicate with their models and “persons with camera” as…frankly those who do not.


I’ve participated in several events where cosplayers are invited but are not a main focus.  Events like the annual San Francisco Cherry Blossom Festival are a great place to celebrate (and also consume) a wide variety of Japanese-related activities….but mostly food.

Sadly with open and public events such as these, security is too spread out and unable to help when a person with a camera decides to take photos without asking for permission.  Most of my audience hopefully knows my Prime Directive for Photography: Ask for Permission First.  Unfortunately there is a pre-existing culture of Street Photography where they would shoot without asking.  During this year’s event (SF CBF 2018), several times I have had to attempt to body-block several of these persons with cameras” when they tried to shoot with people I was with.  Most of them walked off, but some of them had some words with me:

  • That was rude, why did you do that?
    • Did you ask?
  • Ok, well you just made me miss a great image.
    • Did you ask?
  • Ok, this is called ART.  Do you know what that is?
    • Did…You…Ask?
  • What are you?  Her father / boyfriend / husband?
    • DID?
    • YOU?
    • ASK?

I’m sure some of them would cite my love for my “derp photography”.  But again, here is the difference:
I Asked For Permission.
I Show Them Afterwards.

Many of these people with cameras do no such thing.  Nothing is exchanged: business cards or contact information.
I have a distinct loathing for these “photographers” because like shots of my backside, random photos make people uncomfortable: The Cosplayers.  This translates into the final photo as well and no amount of Photoshop can fix that.

Do not test me or you will see how much I can “fail” at treating people like a human.


P.P.S: Do not expect forgiveness or mercy when you take compromising photos.  No matter which gender or age.



~ by BlizzardTerrak on April 26, 2018.

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