Vero – Well THAT Came Out of Nowhere.

A wild new social media app has appeared.
BlizzardTerrak uses Common Sense.
It failed….Miserably
BlizzardTerrak fainted.


Apologies for the Pokemon reference.  

Keeping up with all the new trends like filters, Patreon, and Snapchat is a full-time job.  I’ve always been slow to adopt anything new, but this comes from prior experiences in the tech world.  It’s easier for me to stick with the known quantities like Facebook and DeviantArt (the first platform I used to post and get recruited for photoshoots).  Social media has, admittedly, become very familiar with people and with the decreasing amount of organic reach in the algorithms and many companies like Facebook and Instagram (a subsidiary of Facebook, Inc.) becoming bezarely draconian when it comes to objectionable material (depending on your beliefs), a sudden challenger was inevitable.

On 2/21/18, the Vero- True Social by Vero Labs Inc. suddenly trended on my social media feed as many big-name cosplayers suddenly announced their profiles.  This app took a somewhat novel model in that instead of advertisements, the app will be entirely subscription based…except for the first 1 million users.  As a means of quick adoption, this was bold and seems to have paid off. Many have reported that the interface is very slick, though with many hiccups with the system due to the phone number requirement.  It does seem like the answer to our prayers for the cosplay (and photography) community.

However, I will not be adopting this platform as part of the first million.  This is partly due to my paranoia with new apps, which isn’t unfounded with the various Quiz and Filter Apps that…require a lot of data mining to use “for free”.  Part of me is wondering if this will be the next Facebook (or other large company)’s buyout and then we’re back to Facebook.  A large chunk of it is due to how many apps (not just Vero, Facebook and the established ones do this too) are able to sell off any piece of data one inputs into the system.  The current ones are under scrutiny by the EU and by many government agencies, but this one is so new, there is no way to figure out what they would do with the data.  Perhaps time will tell and I will give it time to mature or die as the market wills.

So what is my recommendation?

WAIT.  Give it about a year because like a Hard Drive or other electronic device, new apps tend to burn very quickly.  Plus, I would like for this new app to fix some of it’s Terms of Service (TOS) regarding their privacy and how they may or may not sell the data it gathers.

….and because there is no Desktop support at this time.


~ by BlizzardTerrak on February 22, 2018.

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