1st Half of 2017 – After Action Short

Upcoming Events I will be attending as of 7/10/2017:
SF Anime Fest in Japantown
SacAnime Summer
BlizzCon (ghost only)


I entered into 2017 with a rather low turnout for shoots.  SacAnime Winter was basically rained out and I couldn’t attend AoD.  As for NorCal Spring, I was suffering from food poisoning before the event so I was extremely sluggish.  But mostly…The first quarter of 2017 was rather boring and I’m only going to be posting a few from this time for my portfolio here.

Thankfully I had a very busy month in April.  I had a very successful (if warm) WonderCon and my inner fanboy was more than satisfied by going to the 40th Anniversary for Star Wars at Celebration Star Wars in Orlando (yay for another East Coast Con!).  Adding some good experimental shoots with gels for Silicon Valley Comic Con (2 days, only had planned 1), April 2017 was a very good high for me.

Sadly so far, this summer has been rather disappointing.  While Fanime had finally fixed their badge system with an extremely fast pre-reg ticket system, two major things derailed my experience:  a 2nd bout with food poisoning and my decision to not book shoots between 12 PM and 6 PM.  While this did not prevent me from getting some good photos, I was unable to find everyone I wanted to find.  Fanime was….ok, TBH.  More portfolio-worthy photos than 2016 had, but still not as high as it should have been.

I only wish I had a better experience at Anime Expo.  I will elaborate in my next report.


SacAnime Winter
Animation on Display (Sunday only)
NorCal Spring
WonderCon (good times~   )
Star Wars Celebration
Silicon Valley Comic Con
Hydra Comic Con
Anime Expo

Plans for 2018:
WonderCon (unconfirmed)
Fanime (unconfirmed)


~ by BlizzardTerrak on July 10, 2017.

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