Samsung T3 SSD Review


So one of the main problems I had with the Surface 3 is the eMMC – type “SSD” Hard Drive. Basically it is the same type of Hard Drive used on Smart Phones and tablet machines. While it is good enough for daily usage and for media playback, for things like gaming and (especially for me) storing large amounts of phones, it is a pain to load. And when I have to download a 64 GB SD card…

So while shopping around, I noticed that the T3 was having some sort of flash sale for the 250 GB model. That’s at least 3 64-GB SD cards, so I thought why not since any SSD would at least be drop proof. The fact that it was tiny (about the size of small pack of gum, and light also makes travelling with one easy. And of course being designed as a travel SSD, it uses a USB connection….wait, actually it’s a USB Type-C for more bandwidth and futureproofing. The connector is reversible (meaning less fumbling since there is no “upside-down” (NOTE that at the time of my purchase, it comes with a USB Type-C to USB 3.1 Type A, so it’s going to plug into your standard USB port and you will have to get a separate cable for Type-C to Type-C). It’s also supposed to be very secure as it comes with software for Windows (with links to the Apple and Android versions) that allows the drive to be password-protected encryption (AES 256-bit). This should make it very hard for a thief to steal your data without your password, though that also means that if you lose said password, your data on the drive is basically lost forever.

Truth be told, speed wasn’t a primary factor in obtaining this drive. Having said that, this thing is a lot faster than many USB external HDDs and Flash sticks I’ve used, being able to dumb a 64 GB SD card (Type 10) in about 30-40 minutes. So what I do is have the drive and an SD-card reader plugged into a generic USB 3.0 travel hub and it could dumb a 64-GB SD card into the SSD directly in about 30-40 minutes. I’ve also seen video reviews online that have them using the drive to edit / “scrubbing” HD-video footage on Adobe Premier as well as gaming (assuming you meet CPU and graphics specifications), but I have yet to test this personally.

Bottom line, for anyone who travels and needs lots of fast, secure, and shock resistant storage, I would definitely recommend any of the Samsung T3 SSDs. Everything is perfect except for the speed and perhaps the included cable if one wants to plug into a USB Type-C connection. It is more expensive per GB (about twice as much), but considering what you are getting, it’s great for photographers, videographers, and even some gamers.

Average Pricing as of time of review: $100 – $710

Storage Capacity: 250 GB to 2 TB.

Rating: Must Have!


~ by BlizzardTerrak on September 20, 2016.

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