Photographer’s StarLog – 8/12/2016

Apologies for neglecting this blog page.  A lot of things have been keeping me busy in my personal life.  Mainly, work is getting more and more hectic, so I have had less time to do any writing.  Hopefully I can do shorter posts like these, but we’ll see.

I have finally started an Instagram page (@BlizzardTerrak) so please check it out for random photos of the day (around 12 PM PST).

In the mean time, I do have 2…maybe 3 product reviews:

  • Nikon D750 (Full Frame)
    • Maybe the Nikor f2.8 24-70mm Lens will be combined?
  • Samsung T3 External SSD Drive (specifically for low-powered machines)

I also have the following events and shoots coming up in August:

  • Off-Con shoots during misc weekends in August
  • ?Heroes Fest? (Pending Ride / Commuting/ Shoot Requests)
  • SacAnime Summer 2016 (Pending Ride)
  • Yaoi-Con (Hotel Confirmed)
  • Comikaze (Confirmed)
  • KrakenCon Fall (Commuting)

Anyways, if you have questions, please comment below or email me.  Or message me on the following areas:


Instagram: @BlizzardTerrak

Twitter: @BlizzardTerrak


~ by BlizzardTerrak on August 12, 2016.

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