Fanime 2016 After Action Report – Part 2

In terms of my photography, Fanime was not a complete Charlie Foxtrot like last year was, but it was a below average year overall.  It would be easy for me to blame it on my gear (I had just moved to Full Frame) or because of the hotter temperatures or because of the convention organizers (see Part 1).  But I have to be objective and blame one part of me that is going to stop: Overbooking.


In the past, overbooking myself because that way I would always be kept busy.  Anytime one person cancels, either the next person gets an earlier shoot or I would head to the convention center.  Unfortunately times have changed and it is getting harder and harder for me to both find a good location and find people to shoot with.  I had many cancellations and had to rush to the next person in order to get shoots done, which made my overall quality suffer in my opinion.  In 2014, I could shoot from 10 AM to 2 AM.  Now, I’m huffing and puffing at 10 PM.  It wasn’t like that for MAGFest where I shot till 1 AM, and that was in a different time zone AND with completely new people.

Fanime 2016 has made it official:

Shoots will be unplanned during the day except for non-convention safe cosplay and for priority cosplay (KOS-MOS, Ghost in the Shell, Mass Effect).

Hopefully this works out in the long run…
Guess I’ll find out at AX 2016….








~ by BlizzardTerrak on June 15, 2016.

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