Fanime 2016 After Action Report – Part 1

Fanime 2016 After Action Report.


After a rather large disaster at 2015 involving convention drama, I went into 2016 hoping the drama part was burnt out of me.  Sadly, this was not the case.  While many of the problems that plagued me involved the convention itself, I will have to say that the problems I’ve had were mostly directly related to me an my status in the community.


For this report, I’ll try to keep it short:

I had reserved the Fairmont San Jose Hotel during the early Fanime Hotel Reservation Block and got a 2-bed room.  When I arrived early Thursday morning, it had been changed to a 1-bed King room without my authorization and without notification.  I showed the staff the exact emails I received and managed to get a small discount along with a Rollaway bed.  Good thing I had arrived early because later that same day, I heard reports on my Social Media and in person that the Fairmont had actually overbooked.  Now they were sending people to the Fairview which was 5 miles away.  Few people had emails sent out on Thurday, but by then many people were in transit and unable to rearrange things like airport shuttles.  I have not gotten a straight answer about the situation from the Fairmont or CMR Housing (the company responsible for Fanime Housing Block), but since all the reports were focused on the Fairmont, I have to assume the Fairmont was the guilty party.

#linecon was definitely back and in force during a very hot weekend.  At first it seems like they might actually pull it off, but the machines and staff started to break down early Thursday and the line formed around the convention center and the Marriott Hotel.  On Friday, the lines still extended to the “Photographer’s Corner” of the convention center.  While I don’t use that area of the con for photos, it did limit the number of locations I had available.  And as usual, rovers were highly inconsistent in terms of how their Weapons Policy / Prop Policy was enforced as once again “Sailor Moon had to have her wand checked” (an old joke, but still relevant in 2016).  And for many events that had long lines, not enough staff were on hand to assist such as the famed “Hentai night” being somewhat delayed.  The one good news was the success of the Swap Meet since my roommate was a seller.

FanimeCon 2016 management definitely took several steps back in terms of organization and enjoyment.  While it was understandable to implement both badge checks at the main entrance of the con center as well as the need for badges for room reservations, the actual execution and timing of these announcements were either handled late or not at all.  The overall mood of the attendees were to just avoid the con center and just use the nearby areas for shoots, hanging out, and parties.  Sadly, the con is becoming just a party con with few mentions on Special Guests or Panels.  Many changes need to be done if they want to remain the king or NorCal Conventions.  (Personally, I’m rooting for KrakenCon.)

So with all the negativity, did I, personally, have fun?  The answer is both yes and no…but in hind sight, I think the con was more a personal failure than the con.  I’ll elaborate in my next report.

Con Rating: 1 (Definitely a downgrade from recent history)

Fun Factor: TBD


Reference to Fairmont San Jose:

(probably many others on the Forums)


~ by BlizzardTerrak on June 10, 2016.

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