2015 – A Year in Review (Part 1)


In terms of my photography career, 2015 is definitely the worst year so far.  From the lack of respect and communications which caused unannounced cancellations of shoots to the recent burn notice I’ve received from the people of NorCal, this year has really torn me down and made me question myself as a photographer and as a person in this community.  I still got photos that I am proud of and would love to turn into prints.  At least I know people outside of NorCal and even outside California who I can trust still, but the small number is shrinking.  

So, I’m no longer trusted in NorCal.  And I have contemplated quitting after 7 years.

Yet despite this, I still realize that I still can’t afford to end this yet.  I still need to find a path to take in this charlie foxtrot of a world.  So, I can’t go back to who I was, but I can appreciate what I have right now.  And I can define myself by what I am:


Everything else is negotiable.


Convention Losses of 2015

“Of all the souls I have met in my travels…his was the most….human”

Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan

R.I.P Award

Anime Los Angeles

Despite the small size and the drunk-con mentality, I had been able to find the convention enjoyable.  Despite the amount of booze around the convention, many cosplayers still dress up for shoots, which I thoroughly enjoyed.  As time went on, the drinks opened earlier and during this year’s event, the hotel was really stretched to its limits with the tiny space.  So I don’t blame the idea of a move, though Ontario is a very difficult place for me to fly to from SF.  I’ve had my problems with rovers and hotel staff, but at least there were ways to get around some of them.  And at least I’ve had fun and had a lot of photos I can be proud of.

So long, ALA.  Thanks for all the English Essay jokes.

“Fission Mailed”

MGS2: Sons of Liberty

Personal Disappointment of the Year


Normally Fanime would be in the running for “Best Con of the Year” but this time…a lot of drama happened instead.  The trick is that the convention itself did only a few things wrong (mainly the hotel booking system being fundamentally broken) so I had to spend more for a suite.  It should not have been a problem since I booked several room shoots, but instead they all cancelled without warning and without prior contact.  On top of that, the non-room shoots mostly cancelled, leaving me depressed from being unable to perform my my best.  I still managed to get a few shots I could be proud of, but not enough.  

I have to acknowledge that aside from hotel, the convention is serviceable.  I can’t say about the events around the con due to booking and then waiting on cosplayers instead of enjoying the events, but the badge lines were rather quick plus food and spaces to shoot were close by.  I can still recommend that people at least check out Fanime, assuming they can find accommodations, and I can still say that this con has above average locations for shoots.

Instead of being The Avengers, it was more like Green Lantern.  It’s kind of like Man of Steel being “the worst Superman film”, in that it’s based on opinions and experiences from previous iterations.  Still, it managed to avoid getting my “Worst Convention” by the virtue of the next entry (sort of) existing…


“So Three Shots Disintegrated.

…I’m gonna pretend I didn’t hear that because that is literally the dumbest thing I’ve ever heard.” Wormhole eXtreme, SG-1

So Bad it was Retconned Out. / Worst Convention of 2015 / Worst Convention Ever (as of 2015)


Great name for an Anime convention, top notch guests, and being held at one of my favorite locations: Anaheim Convention Center.  The only problem: it technically never happened.  It’s tough to sort out fact from fiction, but not registering with the California government, money being spent…somehow, and a social media breakdown so epic, it was Konami-worthy, the convention basically imploded a month before it was even heald.  Say what you will about HyperCon, Japan Expo USA (not related to the one being held in SoCal right now), and the infamous Dash-Con, at least the event happened.

The reason this convention will forever hold a special place in my heart.  Without the convention even existing, I would not be able to secure locations to do photoshoots in.  So, I had eat the badge fee (I still have not gotten my refund) as well as the cancellation fee for my flight.  At least the event runners could have had the decency to run a smaller-than-expected convention.  Instead, they ran.  Actually, this doesn’t hold a special place in my heart. It deserves something worse than an “Epic Fail” stamp.  It deserves to be drawn, quartered, and hung on a pike so that the next 10 generations can see the price of cowardice.

Ok, I think I should stop here.  Next week, the highlights.


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