Who are you? / Can I add you on Facebook (without meeting in the flesh and doing shoots first)?

For professional reasons, I have to keep this and my private.  So if you’re interested in my work, I’ll have to refer you to my Facebook Fan Page (facebook.com/blizzardterrakphotogrpahy  ) and not my personal profile.  Sorry.

Where are you located?

I’m based on the border of Daly City and San Francisco.  Usually I just say San Francisco because more people know that than Daly City, particularly those living outside the Bay Area.

How much do you charge for shoots at Cons?

$0.00.  I do this so I can shoot whoever I want, whenever I want.

That being said, donations of healthy drinks and food help a lot.

What about for shoots / events outside of conventions?

On paper, I charge based off of costs and expenses to me.  In reality, I’m mostly concerned about any fees to use a specific space to take photos at as well as transportation issues.  I am currently without my own mode of transportation and have to rely on public transit like buses and BART.  Arranging carpools definitely help to mitigate any fees I may charge.

For Events, I will also require a Press Badge or some sort since I will be doing more coverage shots than photos for my own personal portfolio only.

When will I get my photos back?

I can have the “raws” (photos converted to smaller JPEG and no edits) up as soon as my slow home internet allows.  I upload to a secure dropbox or other cloud-based site and send a link (and password) to you via Social Media IM or email you provided during the shoot.  From there, you can quickly look through and determine which photos to keep and edit and which ones to delete (Note that “bloopers” and “derp” shots can be kept as well as the serious portfolio shots.  Deletes are ones that should NEVER be kept / posted ever.).

Depending on my work schedule, it could take up to a month at most.  So far, the longest I’ve gone without contacting the model/cosplayer/client is 2 weeks.  The big reason why I take so long to post is that I’m usually waiting for the client to approve my work first.  I’ll usually keep in touch with the client as requested.

This is for the clients’ peace of mind.  Keep in mind that as the photographer, I legally have MOST (99%) of the rights to what happens to the photos.  In practice, I usually go with what the client requests because I don’t like dealing with drama.

Can I post the final photos to my Social Media / Website?

Yes, but only the ones you control directly.  These include Facebook Fan Pages, DeviantArt, Google+, Twitter, etc.  I will ask that you tag me on the sites I have accounts for like Facebook, Twitter, and Google + (I don’t expect you to tag me on Instagram or Tumblr, but a link or mention in the comments is much appreciated).

Can I make a print out of your work?

For personal use (as in to hang in your room, office, or to give to relatives, sure.  I’ll leave it to you to do the printing.

For commercial use (as a “free giveaway” or as sold prints), I will have to charge fees for either licensing a limited number of prints.  The actual fee will be negotiable but the usage of the prints will be strictly enforced via commercial release forms and will require a Model Release Form prior.

Can I submit to (insert cosplay contest) Contest Online?

Please do not.  Online contests are fun, but if you look closely at the TOS / Rules of the Contest (or whatever it is called these days), many of them state that by submitting a photo to their contest,THEY now own the rights to the photo and can use how they feel like it.  Now that should NOT be true and should only use it to promote the same event, but I have seen lots of Online Contests go that route so it is safe that you don’t.

Preferably, I would like to read and fully understand the rules as well as the nature of the contest holders before I approve of any contest submissions.

Can we shoot at X location?

First I’d need to know what the outfit is.  First I have to do research on the location.  Many photogenic locations are private property or are areas that require special licenses to shoot at.  And since I do not currently own a non-DSLR camera (phones don’t count) they would spot us in a heartbeat and have security come over and then escort us off the property.  Second, I’ll need a ride (no car so I’m reliant on carpool and public transit).


~ by BlizzardTerrak on June 29, 2015.

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