Kraken Con Spring 2015 – After Action Report


I’ve been to four Kraken Cons at this point.  The first was in 2013 when it was held at a small conference center near San Francisco International Airport.  When it moved to its current location at the Oakland Convention Center, the convention continued to grow for both of their 2014 events, turning it into a multi-day event.  Now, at apparently its final time in downtown Oakland, it’s as good a time as any to reflect on how this con has grown.

DSC_5048For this event, they still occupied most of the ground-level convention area (though the “front” was sectioned off for a different event happening at the exact same time).  Still, badges were distributed in a timely manner and it wasn’t overcrowded overall.  The upstairs area held the panel rooms as well as the dance hall for the Black and White Ball, a new event at Kraken Con.  That does help to justify the room rates at the con, which did come with VIP passes for those who booked through the convention.  Now the convention has a night life attendees to look forward to.  If dancing isn’t your thing, the game rooms are still open.

Walking to the indoor hall of the convention center is the main entrance to the combined Dealer’s Hall (for vendors), Artist Alley (to the left of the entrance), and the Video Game area (to the right of the entrance).  The official photobooth run by OscarC Photography (link) was in the far left end of the hall next to some of the special effects booths.  Near that was the Maid Café hosted by Tea Time Café.  And the cosplay guest, HezaChan, had a booth past the Cruncyroll Booth, straight from the entrance.DSC_5244

Overall, the con was very familiar, though the new layout of the Exhibit Hall did throw me off for a bit.  The convention still has room to grow, though once again it was very professional for something this size.  Still, their biggest challenge yet will come in the Fall, where their next event will be held on the U.S.S. Hornet.  You read that correctly, Kraken Con is now to be held one a World War II Essex-Class Carrier (forgive me, I’m a bit of a geek).  I can only imagine how this will work, but I hope to be there when it happens, if for nothing else then to see how they challenge this.


~ by BlizzardTerrak on May 15, 2015.

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