Dealing with Bullies: The Online Battlefield

So apparently the situation that spurred me to do that previous blog post has not gone away as I had hoped.  Frankly I thought that the situation would be done with, wrapped in a bow, and then boxed up and shipped to the same storage facility that they put the Ark of the Covenant.  But life is full of disappointments.

I’ve had to deal with a lot of bullies in my lifetime.  I guess I should be thankful that the internet wasn’t in my life as a child so all I had to do was get into a fight with them inside the school.  Nowadays, it’s a lot harder with the internet being as anonymous as it is.  With that an a group mentality, it doesn’t take a lot of work to shame a person into submission.  I, for one, do not approve of this tactic.  Here are a few ways to deal with bullies.


Talk to the Hand

Ignoring is widely considered the most “adult” thing to do.  And there is some wisdom in it.  Online, most bullies can’t do much more than send messages.  Annoying, sure, but after a while of dead-air, most would usually move on.  Then you can just delete everything the bully ever send…or keep it maybe?  Just in case.

Whoopie Goldberg for the Block

I personally enjoy this one.  It takes just a little more effort than just simply ignoring, but then again, once they’re blocked, it’s all over with since they don’t know where you are physically.  Since most people use Facebook Pages to promote themselves, I provided a step-by-step guide to blocking people from the page.  The only weakness is that they actually have to interact with the page first.  That means commenting and liking the page, mostly.  For comments, you can mark to “Delete and Ban”.  Unfortunately, FB disabled the ability to block messages so all you really can do is to “Mark as Spam”.  Not as permanent, but it’s still something.  And really, how often do you see/check that even on your email?

For those of you with smart phones, you can download apps to block certain numbers too.  If I get enough comments / requests for that, I’ll look it up and post in a future post.

(How to Ban from FB Pages link:


This Call May be Used for Quality Assurance

Alright, so either blocking / marking as spam / ignoring doesn’t work.  Some people just don’t take a hint.  Some might even have a “spare account” (I thought FB got rid of those….*sigh*..,

The next step is to record everything for evidence.  Screenshots of the messages, recording of phone calls, and gathering as much information about the account (friends could help here).  If you have a PC / MAC, it’s a bit easier.  Just “print to pdf” (a lot of browsers have this feature either built in or as an optional Add-on.  If you can’t ignore them, then it’s best to spread the word.


S*** Just Got Real

Ok, so you’re in a fight now.  Sorry, but there are going to be some of this type.  Well it’s time to call on your friends.  Remember those conversations and other evidence you stocked up?  Show them.  There are plenty of groups on Facebook and other Social Media dedicated to Anti-Bullying (cosplay or otherwise).  They’ll know what to do as they have more combined knowledge and experience than I’ll ever have.  Read up on them.  Ask friends for help.  YOU ARE NOT ALONE.

All I can say now is Stay the Course.  Remember, at this point, you might as well stand up for yourself and those who have been victimized like this before you.  Eventually, you should have enough evidence to contact the authorities (in case the site, does not provide that capability….I’m looking at you, Facebook..)

Good luck.  Godspeed.  And Give’em Hell.


~ by BlizzardTerrak on March 5, 2015.

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