I’ve known about the harassment that goes on in the community and have even commented on it in the past.

Cosplayer: Eliteslayer (car by Rave2theJ)

Cosplayer: Eliteslayer (car by Rave2theJ)

My previous rants:

I “try” not to chime in on the drama in the cosplay community.  Part of it is because I’m old (ok, not really).  Part of it is because I’m busy (that’s true, especially now).  But most of the time, it feels like I’m the last to know about anything so if I decided to chime in, I’ll look like a fool…this time, I don’t.

Learn to Drop It!

I’ve had lots of disagreements with cosplayers (all of them private so butt out).  But I’ve never had to resort to slut shaming or threats.  I’m not perfect and sometimes I’ll be…pushy about wanting to get shoots with certain people or due to certain cosplay outfits or characters.  But in the end:


Cosplayer: BatShep

Cosplayer: BatShep

At that point, learn to drop it.  Yes, many photographers at conventions do this for fun,.  But that has become a lame excuse to get away with taking panty shots or touching people who do not want to be touched.  Some even have to balls to ask underage girls to follow them into secluded places and basically shoot child pornography.  Last time I checked, in the U.S., Child Porn is basically anything sexually explicit involving those under the age of consent (typically 18 years of age).

And if someone says to never contact them again, DON’T…CONTACT…THEM…AGAIN!

I know some photographers who have imperatively harmed their relationship with cosplayers and models (I’ve done this many times over.)  It’s painful.  It sucks.  Been there, done that, it was maid into a movie.  I’m not saying that it’ll hurt less as the years go on.  But the sooner you stop, the less painful and costly it will be to your reputation.  You pissed someone off.  It happens.  Not everyone is going to get your sense of humor or your personality (I’ve learned this the hard way many times over).

Be Professional.

Tips for New Cosplayers (and some Veteran ones)

  • Use direct language
    Hunter - Vash Fantastic Cosplay

    Hunter – Vash Fantastic Cosplay

    • “I don’t do bed shoots”
      • If they ask why you have photos like that, just say that you did this with friends whom you’ve known for years.  (and you better know them for at least that long and REALLY WELL AT THAT).  Don’t rely on “fame”, some will abuse it.
    • “I don’t want to walk away from the convention site”
      • It’s a safety issue.  There’s con-security, the Police already know that an event is taking place, and because there are lots of witnesses.  Convention hotels only count if the convention is held inside them.  Otherwise stick to convention grounds unless you know the photographer for years.
    • “Sorry, I’m already booked for shoots”.
      • I..really don’t have anything else to say.  Even if it’s false, well why are you going to the convention?
  • Try not to give away too much information up front.
    • The more information you give, the more likely a stalker can find you.
    • Only give out contact info like numbers to people you trust.
    • Try to only have “I’ll be a ABC-convention wearing XYZ-Outfit at the last possible second.  I know this is to drum up traffic…but it drums up traffic.  (yes, I’m guilty of this too…)
  • Learn to Ban and Walk Away
    • Admittedly it doesn’t work always and sometimes they will just create a new account…but at least you can say you tried.  A REAL person would just drop it.
  • ALWAYS stick with your friends.
    • They will either know what to do or know people who know what to do.
    • Safety in Numbers.
    • Try to have one who’s not in cosplay (or in something mobile and easy to move it).  Bonus points of they know how to fight or make lots of noise for someone to notice.


Cosplayer - Andrew's Progress on Cool Stuff and Cosplay

Cosplayer – Andrew’s Progress on Cool Stuff and Cosplay

Optional tips:

How to Ban on FB Pages:


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