Quick News: Spring 2015

Well, so far 2015 has been a roller coaster ride.  From a very low point from the treatment by many parties at SacAnime Winter to a rather mixed reception to the parties and weather at the final Anime LA at the LAX Mariott.   The high point for some reason has been Animation on Display 2015 despite going there mainly to check things out and hang around.  Weird.

Morning Musume

Morning Musume

I’ve had a few private shoots (finally, some private shoots) with a couple of models so far.  Thanks to those of you who have booked them with me.  And as always, message me about times and locations (though keep in mind my limited driving abilities).

As for photoshoot postings:

  • Facebook Page:
    • I’ve just finished 2014 Photos.
    • SacAnime Winter photos are completed and being uploaded at the usual pace.
    • Anime LA photos are nearly complete.  Posting what I can while I wait for a few parties to give me the approvals.
    • Animation on Display photos are nearly complete.  Posting what I can while I wait for a few parties to give me the approvals. (starting 3/2/2015)
  • DeviantArt
    • Features are slowly being updated.  It’s hard to pick my “favorites” and the new interface for tagging subjects and cosplayers takes some getting used to.
  • Coxpix
    • SacAnime mass post on 3/1/2015
    • Anime LA mass post pending a few parties giving me approval.
    • Animation on Display: mass post after Anime LA’s complete


  • ACP
    • On Hold since WonderCon 2014 post (I lost my premium status and it’s too hard to post 4 photos at a time for convention coverage.)
      • I do find it ridiculous that cosplayers only have to pay ONCE and photographers have to pay Yearly.  I could go on about this…
      • But if someone (or some people) could donate to that page so that I can re-enable posting to ACP, that would be great (though it will take me a bit as I am very much behind).

Some unfortunate news, as some of you know, I did suffer a somewhat-minor injury to my left wrist and have to wear a removable cast while I recover.  It may slow me down in the field so apologizes in advanced for now responding to texts or being able to sight in as quickly as I normally can.  Either way, I should be ready for the Major Con season.  The GOOD news is that I have a permanent job now in downtown SF so it helped keep my costs down.  =)

Speaking of which, here’s the list of events I’ll be attending:


  • NorCal Spring (3/7)
    • (still aranging a ride, but should be confirmed)
  • The rest of March is empty so far…
  • WonderCon (4/3 – 4/5)
    • All booked but might be sleepy due to early morning flight on Friday.
  • SF Cherry Blossom Festival
    • (4/11 – 4/12) – Possible
    • (4/18 – 4/19) – Not likely, depending on…
  • BigWow! Comicfest (4/18-4/19)
    • Pending Press status / ability to get rides
  • Kraken Con Spring (4/25- 4/26)
    • Pending Press status
  • Month of May will most likely be empty due to Finals and everyone else preparing for,…
  • Fanime Con (5/22-5-25)
    • Hotel booked (urk, full price though…)

One last note, I’d love for some questions to be asked so that I can have an FAQ section.  Or even a “Mailbag” where random questions are asked and I do my best to answer them.

That’s all for now…

Blizzard out.

We Fight For the Lost

We Fight For the Lost


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