Animation on Display 2015 – After Action Report




My upcoming major conventions are WonderCon and Fanime.

I’ll try and attend the smaller conventions and gatherings around the Bay Area (CA), but it depends on transportation.  As for any non-convention shoots (not necessarily cosplay, modeling too), you can contact me and

Enjoy your Valentine’s Day / President’s Day Holiday (I probably won’t for the former…)


Cosplayer: Lalonding

Cosplayer: Lalonding

Animation on Display (AoD) is a Bay Area convention held early in the year.  After an already packed month (SacAnime Winter first, then Anime LA right after that), I wasn’t so sure that people weren’t still hung over from both.  It certainly did not help that Walker Stalker Con (something I’ve never heard of before) was happening at the same time as well as the Attack on Titan events (both inside San Francisco) as well as the Super Bowl (*snore*).  Still, the convention had a decent turnout and the convention provided several events and guests to see and interact with.

The registration area was easy to find and rather quick to process through the crowds (always a plus).  I still had the bracelet / badge combo, but it does not seem to be going away sadly, but ghosting is a problem in most convention so…yeah.  The Main Stage were all located to the left to the Registration area.  The Dealer’s Hall / Artist Alley was to the right of Registration I will say that having HIDEO perform, Little Kuriboh hanging around in his booth, as well as the Cruncyroll Live Stream makes for some interesting exhibits.  The panel rooms were slightly further out on the first floor, towards the entrance with Tea Time Cafe hosting their Maid / Butler Cafe.  Some people might have missed the Performance Stage / Arcade area in the Tent area (next to the pool) and that’s a shame since a lot of arcade classics and console games were present.  Having the performance stage might seem to be counterproductive, but neither groups seemed to mind.

Cosplayer: M-Muscle-chan

Cosplayer: M-Muscle-chan

So what did the con do wrong?  Aside from timing and the location (sorry, I’m still not sold on the location, but I understand it’s the best they could do while still remaining somewhat convenient).   The local food is expensive so you really should BYOF (Bring Your Own Food).  There’s still not much of a night life at con (but then again, neither did Yaoi Con 2014 *BA DUM TISS*).  But if you wanted a convention and could not go to SacWinter due to distance (or Anime LA because it’s drinking con), then AoD is a good way to blow off some steam.  Hopefully next time, the convention won’t have as much competition as it did this year (Yikes, where did they come from?).

(BTW, my Duke Nuken voice needs work…..but hey, it’s from the source (John St. John)so….EEEE~~ )

Morning Musume

Morning Musume

Con-Rating: Star!Star!Star!   (Convention was running well and had a decent amount of things to do both days.)

Fun Factor: Star!Star!Star!   (I was just passing through.)


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