Anime LA 2015 – After Action Report



Pyrrha: Jazzberry Len and Nora: Level 99 Designs Roman: CluffLinks Cosplay and Artisanry Yang: Supernova Styles Blake: AntiquityDreams Weiss: Blossomberry Cosplay Ruby: Mouse's Cosplay

Pyrrha: Jazzberry
Len and Nora: Level 99 Designs
Roman: CluffLinks Cosplay and Artisanry
Yang: Supernova Styles
Blake: AntiquityDreams
Weiss: Blossomberry Cosplay
Ruby: Mouse’s Cosplay

Next major convention is WonderCon
I will also be attending Fanime (though whether I actually get Friday or not is up to work)..

I’ll try and attend the smaller conventions and gatherings around the Bay Area (CA), but it depends on transportation.


I’m not sure if it was the rain or the fact that it was the last time Anime Los Angeles was going to be held at the LAX Marriott, but the claim to fame of being the biggest party con has definitely been earned.  While I was not there during Day 0 (Thursday), photos of drinking parties were flooding my social media as if to tempt those of us who had work or school to drop it and come over to get wasted.  My guess is that a lot of people at the con were intoxicated, which would explain the number of sick people at the con (sick with cold/flu x alcohol consumed = lots of sick/ de-hydrated people yacking all over the floor).  I wouldn’t mind it so much except that was the biggest reason for why so many people canceled shoots.  Good thing I had backup plans (lots of plural right there).  That being said, I don’t think anyone could plan for rain on Saturday.

The rain definitely highlighted the need for the convention to move out.  While it is a decent place with some nice backgrounds other hotels lack, the

xxFruitCakexx + Gandakiss

xxFruitCakexx + Gandakiss

fact is that 4,000 official attendees, staff, artists, guests, and who knows how many ghosts.  With so little cover, the hotel really begins to show its low capacity.  The crowds certainly exacerbated the miscommunication between hotel staff and con staff for many things like security, the usage of the pool deck, etc.

As a “final con”, ALA 2015 was rather disappointing as it did nothing to improve itself or hold my interest.  Indeed, I was only there to take good photos, something that became hard due to the rain and the con security despite following the rules.  Since I could not drink and I take up a lot more space than most drinkers, I suppose the main reason anyone goes to this convention, getting wasted, escaped me.  Perhaps I was wrong to go.

As to whether I regret going?  No.  There were still lots of friends and good cosplays I would not have been able to take



had I not attended.  I wish a lot of my friends didn’t get sick before or during the convention, but there was nothing I could do about that.  In the end, we all made our choices.  As to the new location in Ontario…I cannot say if I’ll go or not.  If there are enough people to make the expense of booking flights, hotel, and badge worth it, I might just out of curiosity.  However, I still have other priorities, both personal and photographic.  If ALA could reduce its reputation as a party hard con, it would help in my opinion.  I’m not saying all conventions should be “dry”, but I came for cosplay photography, not Mardi Gras.

Thanks for reading the long text scroll that’s more boring than the one at the start of Phantom Menace, but the short version was: this con was rather below average but at least I got a lot of good shoots done (despite the convention).

Con-Rating: Star!Star!  (People come more for the drinking than the actual con.)

Fun Factor:Star!Star!Star!    (Having lots of shoots is fun, but kinda limiting when the rain hit…)


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