Anime Expo 2014: Convention Overview

Anime Expo has been touted as one of the largest Anime conventions in the Western United States.  Considering that this year, they stopped selling on-site tickets due to violating the fire code (around 85,000 confirmed with who knows how many actually on site,) it certainly is a contender.  Held during July 4 weekend every year at the Los Angeles Convention Center, Anime fans from the local area as well as the rest of California, the United States, and indeed other countries attend to see their favorite Anime celebrities, musicians, and cospDSC_0892layers.

Indeed, Anime Expo has just about everything an “otaku” wants.

DISCLAIMER:  This post is only about the con.  My personal feelings will be in the next post.


Maxed out

According to the LACC’s website, the site has “a total of 720,000 square feet of exhibition and 147,000 square feet of meeting room space”.  About 347,000 square feet for the South Hall (where practically all the cosplayers are in showcase) as well as 210,000 square feet for the West Hall.  The 2nd floor houses many meeting rooms, including the concourse bridge area between the two halls.

So when Anime Expo announced on Saturday, July 5 that they would be no longer selling any more on-site badges, that says something about how crowded things go.  San Diego Comic Con is the most crowded conventions I have ever attended and Anime Expo just hit that.  That made things difficult for many people to attend events, much less get around.  Something to think about for next year.


Survival of the Fittest

Despite my previous experiences (or because of my San Fransisco upbringing) I was ill equipped to handle the heat this year.  During Fanime and WonderCon, I easily made it through several days of almost non-stop photoshoots (with Fanime having my running around with full gear 11 AM to 12 AM on average).  For this AX, I couldn’t move anywhere.  I stuck to the West Hall tunnel to keep out of the sun and crowds, occasionally dipping into the West Hall for some AC.  Despite this, I got heat exhaustion and it knocked me out for 2 hours on Saturday, the hottest day that weekend.

I was not the only one.  I’ve heard testimonials from regular attendees, cosplayers, and other photographers and videographers that many of them had to limit their schedule or even outright cancel due to heat exhaustion.  Even saw a few paramedics carting attendees due to the heat.

Hope you also bring a thick wallet, because fluids are hard (read “expensive”) to come by this year.


Photoshoots Completed



:iconurbanballerinaesq::iconmangafreak150::iconpaprikamari::iconvickybunnyangel::icontenleid:, BlossomBerry Cosplay (FB) :iconphavorianne:, Mecha Milk (FB), Jacqueline Goehner (FB)


:icongothlolichankaru:, Midori Yang Cosplay (FB), <unlisted>, BlossomBerry Cosplay (FB), KimihakoBlade (FB)




Convention Nutshell


:La: Domo Version You want your Anime celebs from North America AND Japan, here you are


Philip Fry (Just take my money) [V2] It’s going to cost you….a lot


I think I've fainted. The heat has been known to cause dehydration, heat exhaustion and nausea, and possible hospitalization.

Con-Rating: n/a (Wasn’t at con, didn’t participate in it)

(Fun Factor omitted for next post)


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