Fanime 2014 After Action Report

FanimeCon is an Anime Convention held in the San Jose Convention Center every year on Memorial Day weekend.  Best known by the tagline “By Fans, For Fans”, the convention hosts a wide variety of events from the famous Stage Zero performances, FaniMaid Cafe, Music Fest, various Panels and guests, AMV contests, Hentai Nights, the list goes on.  Probably the best part (at least for me) is the sheer variety of cosplay that goes on at this event with varying degrees of skill and presentation.


Upgrade Complete

Cosplayers: Rachael Roth, Miss Ocha, Rosiegaga

Rachael Roth, Miss Ocha, Rosiegaga

The past few years have seen a dramatic shift in quality of the con.  Last year’s seen the worst of it with a huge chunk of the convention center under construction and inaccessible, moving Artist Alley to a temporary tent some distance from the convention as well as a the extremely unpopular line for the pre-reg attendees.  This along with the stagnant guest lists and poorly training rovers have caused many previous attendees.

Thankfully, the convention implemented a new QR code system that drastically sped up the rate in which the convention could process badge requests and the newly opened sections were used to make sure no one needed medical attention while waiting in the heat for their badges.


Where in the World was BlizzardTerrak?

Cosplayer: BlossomBerry Cosplay

BlossomBerry Cosplay

A lot of people were wondering where I was at the con (other than the people I booked I mean).  Truth was that I was studying for finals AND scheduling shoots at the same time this year (Fanime and Finals happen on the same week for me).   I was really thankful that I only missed Day 0 this year, but because I was juggling two big things at once, I ended up scheduling shoots from 11 AM to 12 AM on the three main days.  I only walked around the convention center (a little) on Monday, so I didn’t take a lot of hall photos.

Some advice for aspiring photographers (and cosplayers), DO NOT OVERBOOK like that.  While it’s true that cosplayers MIGHT cancel shoots, I only had 2 cancels that weekend (one on Saturday and one on Sunday), so I barely had time to shower, much less eat (yes, showering is more important to me than food….though not as important as staying hydrated).  You know I goofed when I was “thankful” when someone canceled.

…that being said, if I had to do that con again, I probably would NOT have changed it….except for “attempting” to shoot till 2 AM.  Must be the heat frying my brain.


Friday:Cosplayer: Genesis Cosplay

:iconpaxingcai::icontokidoki-loki::iconaugust-fehrmont:, :iconhezachan:, Chiyann, BlossomBerry Cosplay RosieGaga Cosplay, :iconakaichan:, :iconladystaba: Miss Ocha Cosplay , :iconcoldcandle:, fabrickind


BlossomBerry Cosplay :iconjazzberry:, :iconrexluna:, Miss Ocha Cosplay  RosieGaga Cosplay RavenRoth, :iiconcoldcandle:, Varnani (ACP), :iconfinnieon:, Neeka Cosplay


:iconiconpaxingcai:, BlossomBerry Cosplay, :iconsweet-illuzions:, :iconsamchuu:, :iconlimitlessedge:, :icontokidoki-loki::iconaugust-fehrmont::iconenvelcosplay:, :iconaoikatori:, Tweezlii Cosplay, Cryptomancer’s Cosplay


:iconginriru-tatsu::iconcharmiesweets:, :iconcherryteagirl:, :iconartisticpsyco:


Final ThoughtsCosplayers: AoiKatori + Shiru Chuku Cosplay

This was my sixth year at Fanime, and I’ve sure come a long way from that beginner photographer/con-goer that I once was.  I’m a little sad that I no longer participate at convention events like many others do.  But being able to work with so many people….I wouldn’t trade it for the world.

Probably the best Fanime experiences I’ve in a long time…definitely a highlight of 2014 so far.  =)



OMG MOAR POEMS! – QR badge codes

Gallery – New areas for Artist Alley and expended Dealer’s Hall.

I think I've fainted. – Variety of activities and nearly 24 hours each day.


Okay... Moving on now...– A few problems with rovers, but still better in than the previous years

Sleepy – Long lines for Swap Meet as well as Artist Alley and Dealer’s Hall (at first)


Do not try and bend the spoon ... – It is in the downtown area.

Con-Rating: n/a (Wasn’t at con, didn’t participate in it)

Fun Factor:  (One of my personal best)


~ by BlizzardTerrak on June 21, 2014.

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