Slight Hiatus till after Fanime (late-May) 2014

Sorry everyone.  I know people were expecting a A.o.D. Convention Report and a Write-Up about how to do off-camera flash photography.  I did start on the flash photography blog, but A.o.D. is off the table.

Short ver:  A nice move that should help some people who hate going to SF Japantown due to the lack of space or the challenges of parking or Public Transit at night.  Lots of room to do indoor shoots if one is inclined, but we will miss the nearby food.

Anyways, currently my plans are to do only one shooting event per month (March being NorCal Spring, April with WonderCon) until Fanime when I’m sure to be busy (but don’t hesitate to ask).  Anyways, if something really big comes up, I’ll try to write about my two-cents on the topic.

Sorry everyone, but at least I’ll be (slowly) posting phots on FB for a while.  I still have one shoot from PMX, the latter half of ALA, and AoD to post up.  With the other gatherings, that should keep you busy on my Facebook page for a while.  =)

Till next time.


~ by BlizzardTerrak on February 20, 2014.

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