SacAnime Winter 2014 + Anime LA 2014 After Action Report

I originally did not plan for back-to-back conventions (AX ‘13 and SDCC ‘13 does not count since I actually had a week between the two conventions ^^; ).  However, some friends helped arrange for my transportation and housing, so I decided why not.  I needed to get used to my new primary lens, so I went to Sac.  ALA was always on the books, but I don’t think I was prepared for the post-con workload either way.  Hell of a way to welcome in 2014.

Anyways, I’m also involved in the Cosplay Photographer’s 2013 Photo of the Year contest.  If you can click the link and then click the “Like” icon to vote for my entry, that would be great.  Sharing also helps too.  =)…


SacAnime Winter 2014

Special thanks to :iconocwajbaum: for the half-ride to and from the event.

I had already scouted the place last time and I still did not plan and going any further than where I was last time.  Definitely more photographers with gear than the last time I was here (probably because the lack of real heat didn’t keep them inside the hotels?  Or maybe the good word SacAnime got last time?)  I had trouble getting my press badge sorted so I didn’t end up with as many hall shots as last time.  However, what I lacked in hall shots, I more than made up for in photoshoots.
Didn’t meet a lot of new people this time, but I was expecting a “chill” con.  (just not quite as chilly as I thought.  ^^; )



Zerggie Cosplay (FB), :iconkimba616: :iconeliteslayer: :iconanti-ai-chan:, :iconcharmiesweets:, :iconryokoyuuki:, Neeka Cosplay (FB), :iconartisticpsyco:


:iconartisticpsyco:+:iconsara-theoneandonly:, :iconlaladawncosplay:, :iconcharmiesweets:, Neeka Cosplay (FB) :iconluffyxii: :iconshirogami520:, :iconladystaba:, :iconloruhcee:, :iconartisticpsyco: :iconaoi-dove:





Camera – Actually managed to do more shoots than last time.


I'm going to slap some sense into you! – Still a “kiddy” convention for me.

Con-Rating:  Half Star  (Below Average)Fun Factor:    (Great)


Anime LA 2014

Special thanks to :iconMkamzng1: and Kam Queen for the hotel space.

By now, most people know that Anime LA is not about going to a convention but going to one of the biggest cosplayer drinking parties every year.  I rarely hear about any special guests for this convention or other special events.  Despite this, the convention was sold out, preventing people from partying on the pool deck and instead flooded the lower level and the lobby.  And with security posted at the pool deck’s entrances and kicking people out of potential photoshoot locations indiscriminately, it is getting harder and harder to do photoshoots at this convention.
Thankfully those who did photoshoots with me were more than patient and creative enough to find ways to make it happen.  There were tons of competition of space and dealing with hotel security and convention staff in getting and using areas for photoshoots.  Yet, despite the lack of cellular coverage, they always managed to get in touch with me somehow and we manage to shoot in very highly contested areas.  Honestly, that’s probably the only reason I attend this convention as it is still one of the busiest conventions I have every year.

I can only hope that ALA will not bank on the “frat party atmosphere” as their unique selling point.************************************************


:iconshiimapan:, :iconphavorianne: :iconjazzberry:, :iconakaichan: :iconshirogami520: + co., :iconbart41::iconairyokama::icongothlolichankaru:, :iconxemnass: + Batshep (FB), :iconshiya::iconeclecticmaniac:, :iconjazzberry:, :iconpaprikamari:


:iconshiimapan:, :iconphavorianne: :iconjazzberry:, :iconmangafreak150:, :iconbekalou::iconblueskad00::iconthiefbydesign: + Otaku and Fit – Andrew’s Cosplay/Fitness/Otaku Life (FB), :iconxemnass:, :iconxxfruit-cakexx:, :iconjazzberry::iconakaichan: +co., :iconpaprikamari:


:iconxxfruit-cakexx:, :iconluffyxii: + Okitasemi Cosplay (FB) + co., :iconloneshadow-wolf:



Camera – Some great shoots during this convention.

Popcorn – Nice social-times at night.

Bad:Censored – Issues with current location.

Censored – Issues with Con-Ops and Hotel security staff’s “safety concerns”.

Con-Rating:  (Below Average)Fun Factor:    (Great)



Personal Thoughts

I know it seems that I had a terrible time, but these write-ups were about the conventions themselves, not my personal time there.  Since I was not press for either events, I basically did what I prefered to do: photoshoots with amazing cosplayers.  Any of them picked me to do their shoots since the beginning and some of them specifically brought certain cosplays that I wanted to shoot.  Very little thought goes to the treatment and well being of lone cosplay photographers and the hard work they do along with the cosplayers.  At both these events, cosplayers asked how I was and even offered me food and water or even some company when I was on break.

These people are the reasons why continue to try and learn photographic skills.  And with that, I had a really great start to 2014.  Now I still have one more convention this month (Animation on Display near SFO) but so far, the first month has been a blast for me as a photographer.


Upcoming events:

(? = uncertain of attendance)

Animation on Display (1/25-1/26)

NorCal Spring Gathering (3/15)

?WonderCon (4/18-4/20)

?BigWow (5/17-5/18)
Fanime (5/22-5/26)

?Anime Expo (7/3-7/6)

?SDCC (7/24-7/27)



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