PMX 2013 After Action Report

Pacific Media Expo (PMX) is an Asian Pop Culture convention held at the Hilton LAX in Los Angeles, California in November.  The convention has invited guests such as Asian bands

Cosplayer: unknown

Cosplayer: unknown

(this year being BACK-ON), Fashion guests like Juliette et Justine, and manga artist Izumi Matsumoto of Kimagure Orange Road fame.  There were even martial arts workshops and a maid cafe present.

The convention caters more towards music, live action, and fashion fans than the typical Anime convention, but that does not mean that there isn’t a good Anime presence too.  Crunchyroll held panels as well as screenings for several Anime series.  And there were a special screening for the English dub for Magi with several voice actors in attendance.  For such a (physically) tiny convention area, it packs a wallop in terms of fan-oriented content.


Personal Feelings

Once again, I’m not a big fan of the Hilton LAX.  Granted the rooms were comfortable and relatively cheap for the amount of space one gets, but the hotel was not built to accommodate such a tightly packed convention.  What makes this setup worse is that the weather is cold, which prevents a lot of people from doing shoots outdoors, particularly in the late afternoon and at night.  Of course, that is dependent on whether or not you can contact each other for a shoot since the hotel’s construction blocks voice, SMS texting, 3G, and 4G signals on your cell/smart phone.  I think next time I go to a convention, instead of exchanging cell numbers, I’m gonna just have a couple of random channels I’ll switch between and have cosplayers contact me on them.

Unfortunately, this year’s PMX took place a week after Comickaze which limited the number of cosplayers attending.  Also while there this year, I had a very spotty photoshoot schedule.  Sometimes it allowed me to take my time doing a shoot but most of the time, it left a lot of time for me to wander around a crowded convention, up and down stairs, with about 20 lb. of gear on my back (usually 30, but since I had a room to myself, I was able to leave some behind).  After dusk, things went dead for me since it switched from a convention to a drinking party.  Too bad I can’t drink.

At least the Pocky was free.



Cosplayer: Effektd Cosplay (FB)

Cosplayer: Effektd Cosplay (FB)

:iconakaichan: (Tales of), Ariel Cosplay (Assassin’s Creed: Black Flag)


WolfyCosplay (X-23), Angel Hearts (ParaPara), :iconuruza: (Skull Girls)


:iconmangafreak150: (Vocaloid), Sylpharios + co. (Avatar: Last Airbender)


Final Thoughts

PMX is not a bad convention.  Aside from technical limitations due to the location it is held at, PMX offers a variety of themes than just strictly Anime with music, lolita fashion, and art.  It manages to host a wide variety of guests to see for those seeking autographs or for those just wanting to be in their presence.  There are a good variety of panels and game rooms as well.

However I went chiefly as a photographer so have so few shoots planned and even fewer shoots done does color my perception of the convention negatively and I fully acknowledge this.  Next time though, I will have to be more discerning as to whether or not to go since each trip means less money for me to get the kit I need to stay functional.

As a close to the 2013 convention season, it was, despite it’s strengths, disappointing.



I'm hungry...Get in my belly! – Free Pocky

Points – Still a relatively cheap SoCal convention


Added to my devWatch! – Hard to find places to shoot indoors

Added to my devWatch! – Not many places to shoot outdoors.


Rage  – No 4G or cellular reception (due to hotel’s design)

Con-Rating:   (Average)

Fun Factor:Star! Star!  (Guess it’s alright)


~ by BlizzardTerrak on November 19, 2013.

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  1. the angel is me! xD Katie Ha

    • Glad you found this then. =)

      The photo is also on my Facebook Fanpage (BlizzardTerrak Photography) as well as on ACP (for high-rez)
      Please credit me when posting.

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