Editorial: “Heroes of Cosplay” Episode 5: Planet Comic Con

It’s now time for the 2-part season finale.  For those of you who are still paying attention, the clash of the “heroes” is nigh!  (the rest of you….eh, you’re not reading this so who cares)

They’ve moved to the midwest for their final stage.  The band is set up.  Time to see if these cosplayers can dance.



I am neither a cosplayer nor a TV show critic.  I am writing this as a cosplay photographer who has an opinion on this show.  This is written to hopefully generate some dialogue about this topic and because I am bored.  Hope you enjoy, but spoilers and disagreements abound.

You have been warned.


We Always Knew This Day Would Come.

After a recap of the drama between two of the cosplayers, the line is drawn with two teams forming on opposite sides of the country.  One the West, you have the Crabcat with Becky teaming up after the drama from the last episode to create a How to Train Your Dragon skit.  And for the final episode, the Queen/Ambassador/Judge has stepped into the flight with her protege and the Fabricator to do an epic skit on stage.  This promises to be an epic battle between the old standard and the upstarts.  But that’s for another episode.

In the meantime, there’s still the individual competition at Kansas Planet Comic Con.  Becky, Victoria, Jesse, and Chloe each have their individual cosplays for the convention.  This time, their biggest problems isn’t time but instead cosplay malfunctions.  However, instead of going down without a fight, the heroes persevere making it on-stage to the applause of the audience and the judges.  Not all of them win, but they all come back with the satisfaction of being on stage to thunderous applause.


Let’s See If They Can Dance

Somehow the best of the show seems to be gone with this episode being the final confrontation for three of the characters.  It’s nice to see Jesse getting some validation finally, though he’s still given the boot.  While we see him showing off that he can fabricate, sew, and even take things a little too far (like walking into the Ocean in full cosplay) he wasn’t seen having much social interaction with the rest of the cast.  Another personal favorite in the show was Chloe since she gave so much positivity and spunk in an otherwise overly dramatic and “serious buisness” that the show tried to shove down the audience’s throats.  While it’s great to see them have a last hurrah, it’s clear the show never really wanted them to be the main star, which still goes to the Ambassador.  On the one hand, they at least came out of this with something and avoided seeing themselves become despised.  On the other hand, I really wish they had more screen time.

Back to the royalty, I’m not that surprised that Victoria is going to the group competition after the previous episode.  The show made it a point to beat her on the fact that she’s always late and that poor Jinyo is always stuck trying to fix things.  Still, at least this time she’s shown in a more positive light, trying out a more creative design that allowed her to adapt to plans coming apart.  She isn’t left crying in the hotel room or in the audience and instead talks about the fun about being creative when designing a cosplay outfit.  The triple threat of Yaya, Monika, and Rikki, however, are shown not enjoying what they have gotten themselves into.  Fortunately, the West Coast Team of Crabcats and Becky are taking things in stride and having fun with their project, as stressful as it may be.  Of course Monika spoke about how little a threat Becky is again.  (oh, drama…)  We’ll have to see if the final episode delivers.


A Storm is Coming

Similar to the third episode, this one was actually alright in terms of its mix of fake and “real” drama.  It still pokes holes in itself preparing for the finale and it suffers overall.  If you’ve stuck it out through these five episodes, you might as well check out the finale.  The episodes did not have that cliffhanger feeling since it doesn’t build to it.  Instead, it’s just a typical standalone episode that hints at a finale filling in the B-plot.  It does a decent job at retiring a couple members of the cast while promising an epic finale with a few minutes of exposition and pageant mothering.

That being said, the Titans are on the move.  The question now is will the walls hold or will it crumble like my feelings for this show?


3 out of 5 (average)


~ by BlizzardTerrak on September 23, 2013.

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