Sac-Anime Summer 2013 – After Action Report

Sac-Anime is a convention that happens twice every year in the late Summer and mid Winter seasons.  Being a spinoff to the quarterly SAC-Con, Sac-Anime has grown substantially, moving from the Woodlake/Radission Hotel that I have previously attended to the Sacramento Convention Center.  Normally this convention attracts both locals and many of the younger convention attendees and cosplayers as well as noteworthy guests over the years.  Recently, the convention finally moved to the Sacramento Convention Center after severely outgrowing the hotel locations.  This was a badly needed move for the convention and it seems to be thriving in the new location.

We’ve Moved!

Sac-Anime has many of the typical convention activities with AMV and cosplay contests, fan-run panels, artist alley and dealers hall, and night time raves.  TheDSC_4725 actual convention center houses the combined dealer’s hall and artist alley, a couple of panel rooms, an outdoor area for cosplay gatherings, a couple of video game rooms, and their version of a maid cafe.  At night, this area becomes exclusively for the Starlight Ball on the upper level and the larger nightly raves on the bottom area.

For this convention, they also utilized part of the Sheraton hotel.  In their ballroom floor, there’s badge pick-up/registration as well as the Swap Meet and Karaoke Room.  The second level also houses the card game rooms as well as the viewing room.

Nearby, there’s the Memorial Auditorium, which is nice for photoshoots for those who can brave the heat.  Being close to the Capitol Park is also a decent plus.  There is also plenty of places to get food, including a 7-Eleven.  And because this location is right next to the MegaBus drop off and pick-up point as well as a couple of blocks from Amtrack, the location is easy to reach for those who do not have a car.  Overall, this is a huge improvement for the con.

Same Atmosphere

The convention may have moved, but the atmosphere is still the same.  SacAnime tends to attract more younger convention attendees

Cosplayer: Mister Ryokoyuuki

Cosplayer: Mister Ryokoyuuki

than older fans and con-goers.  The staff seem to have things under control for the most part, but there are still attendees who are running around like it’s recess at an elementary school.  For some reason, the old MEME of “you lost the game” is still alive and kicking, to my annoyance.

If it weren’t for the industry guests, I would say this is similar to conventions run by a local Anime club.  I will admit though that no Anime club could afford the number of equipment or rooms of arcade machines and video game consoles.


Personal Feelings

SacAnime is still a difficult convention for me to go.  I have gone for the past 3 years to the SacAnime Summer conventions at the old Radission Hotel location.  My biggest complaints every year was that it was too hot, food was either expensive or far away, and I wouldn’t get a lot of work from the convention.  This time, things were a lot better than usual.  The new convention center and hotel means I could rest inside an air-conditioned environment.  Instead of relying on hotel food, there were plenty of fast food and restaurants around to choose from.  And this time, I managed to have more shoots than usual at this con.  It’s still not as many as I would like at a 3-day event, but it’s still an improvement nonetheless.

The new location was also much more scenic than the old location ever was.  I’ll miss the old Pagoda/lake combination, but considering that I rarely could

Cosplayer:  Adel Cosplay

Cosplayer: Adel Cosplay

take advantage of it, I’ll consider it a worthy sacrifice.  Still, Sacramento at this time of year is way too hot and wore me out rather quickly during the day.  And at night, no one wanted night shoots.  Since this was a convention for the younger cosplayers, many of them were at raves.  And of course, the majority of the older cosplayers were at room parties drinking the night away.

It’s too bad, because I could have done some great night shots.



RossieGaga (FB) + Black Symbiote (FB), :iconryokoyuuki:, Neeka Cosplay (FB), Zerggiee Cosplay (FB), :iconcharmiesweets:,The Great White Cosplayer (FB)


:iconcherryteagirl:, ::iconmonochrome-tea::, :iconforeveradel:, Neeka Cosplay (FB), :iconcharmiesweets::iconjojopandaface::iconpikachurepublic:


Neeka Cosplay (FB)


Final Thoughts

Cosplayer: CherryTeaGirl

Cosplayer: CherryTeaGirl

The move to downtown Sacramento gave the convention a boost in many ways.  The convention seems more professional, the location

affords many benefits to both the convention and especially the attendees.  If you are not afraid of the heat or of the young, the convention will scratch that convention itch.

Still, I wish it wasn’t so bloody hot.



Added to my devWatch! – New location is a definite improvement.


I think I've fainted. – Well….it’s still more of a teenage con.

Con-Rating:   (Average)

Fun Factor:    (Good)


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