Review: “Heroes of Cosplay” Episode 4: Anime Matsuri

The third episode underwent a massive tone shift from drama-fest to an almost adequate representation of cosplayers before a contest.  So instead of dropping the show altogether, I thought that the third episode indicated that the cosplayers might get the show they wanted.

Sorry, but it’s back to business for the editors.



I am neither a cosplayer nor a TV show critic.  I am writing this as a cosplay photographer who has an opinion on this show.  I’ve had three episodes to critique the good and bad of the show.  It had it’s strengths and weaknesses.

However, it’s about half over now, and the show does not show signs of changing, but rather it is doubling down on what sells rather than what is good.

You have been warned.


Don’t You Read the Manual?

The show could not start without a shameless plug from Yaya.  Last time, it was interesting seeing her being digitized into a computer model for a future doll, but this time she almost faints from her corset of her Jessica Rabbit costume.  At the same time, Monika and Victoria team up, the Crabcats are back in action, and Becky is called to be a guest at the next venue, Anime Matsuri in Houston, Texas.  Tensions are high since all the contestants are called away to various projects, Monika being invited to Blizzard Entertainment, Victoria’s Wizard World job for a week, and the Crabcats for Guillermo Del Toro’s Pacific Rim viral video.  All of them have to struggle to do both their non-cosplay duties as well as their cosplays with Victoria and the Crabcats taking drastic shortcuts in order to finish their cosplays.

The end results with none of the cast members winning.

However, things go from bad to worse.  Monika notices Becky is a guest judge and, on camera, says some rather negative and demeaning words about Becky’s “skill level”, which is repeated when Becky (magically) visits them in their hotel room while the pair were finishing their cosplays.  Thankfully, she talks to the Crabcats at their room and they invite her to be partners in their next project.  A happy ending, right?


“The Empire Strikes Back”

I’m not sure if it is because I am a sci-fi geek, but the first thing I thought of when I finished these episodes was Star Wars in the universe’s chronological order.  Episode 1 was attack of the boring, waiting for that five minutes of excitement at the end with the contest.  Episode 2 was a combined Attack of the Clones and Revenge of the Sith with the Dark Side of cosplay winning the day with overwhelming amounts of drama and cattiness.  Thank the gods for Episode 3’s A New Hope with the “heroes” coming together again and beating the evil empire (appropriate, since the Empress herself is not shown much in that episode.

Alas, the Drama Empire Strike Back.

Our heroes have to split in multiple directions as the show’s opening crawl destroys the positive tone the last episode had.  Each of our heroes has to split up and pursue their own objectives, but they all end up rushing to Cloud City, I mean Anime Matsuri to meet up with an old friend, Yaya Han.  However they have each fallen into a trap. Becky Skywalker encounters Darth Monika who proclaims that she is not a Jedi yet, whoops I mean she was not up to her standards and is cut down in one swift stroke.  Jessica Solo and Holly Organa are captured by the sinister forces of the Drama Empire and Jessica is also neutralized by being covered in carbonite, I mean wool, which saps her strength.  In the end, the Crab-Falcon saves Becky from plummeting into despair and they all meet at the hotel rendezvous point to discuss strategies for their upcoming battles.


I Give Up: Animal, Vegetable, or Mineral?

I wonder if this is what it feels like to eat pink slime instead of real meat?  Everything that was good and at least decently wholesome in the show was lost in this episode and replaced with drama filler.  Monika’s opinion of Becky is just a repeat of the drama between Yaya and Jessica Nigiri.  The cast was forced to once again rush things.  Only this time, people were actually harmed in the making of the episode…right?

I’m having a harder and harder time being immersed in the universe that this show is attempting to create.  Yaya falling from an overly tight corset?  I thought an “Ambassador of Cosplay” would know how tight to have a corset, even if the shoot is supposedly rushed.  Jessica’s bout with her wool allergies?  As someone with plenty of allergies, I know by now not to expose myself to them or at least take medication to mitigate the symptoms.  I refuse to believe that a person would deliberately cut and process it for the sake of a rushed costume and I highly doubt that she did not get exposed to the allergens with all the cutting and stitching that needs to be done to said allergen.  And once again, having one “hero” put down another because…what?  Why?  (MORE DRAMA~!).  It’s bull.

I’m not even sure what’s worse anymore.  The fact that the drama is obviously fake or the fact that the viewers believe this to be true.  People were so fooled that Jessica Nigiri and Yaya Han posted a YouTube video to calm their fans about a war between the two.  The sad part is people actually believe this show to be real and not the highly processed, low nutritional, extremely cheap crap.  You know, like those “mystery meats” they severed in the cafeteria?

I have the show a lot of rope in the first episode and a lot more of it in the third.  And now, the show has strung up the rope and hung me with it.  I know this is technically a “Reality TV show”, but the way it is setup and shot, it feels like the evil spawn of a Documentary and Big Brother.  I know this is for entertainment, but instead of enjoying the show, it is really starting to piss me off.



1 out of 5 (below average)


~ by BlizzardTerrak on September 13, 2013.

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