No SDCC 2013 Report + Next Article

Sorry, but I just could not type out a Personal Experience report for SDCC 2013.  The closest thing I could make is currently on my DA page:

Check it out if you’re curious about how SDCC is for those of you who wish to attend.

For my write-up though, I want to do a combined report about all the negativity I felt from Fanime 2013, Anime Expo 2012 and 2013, as well as SDCC 2013.  I feel I should make myself clear about where I stand on certain issues regarding cosplay and cosplay photography as a whole.

I know this sounds like a bad thing, but I am hoping that by expressing myself I can give photographers a good warning about what to expect as well as to cosplayers on how some of us feel about the way a small group of veteran cosplayers can treat photographers like myself.

I am not going to bash on “Cosplay =/= Consent” except that I am tempted to replace the middle with “!=” because of my schooling.  I am not going to denounce all of the popularity certain cosplayers get because I know that there are cosplay photographers who are equally guilty as well.  I just want to give my take on how the cosplay community is in my eyes.

Perhaps people will benefit from my experiences.  Perhaps people will be deeply offended by me publishing my experiences.  I wish I had the perfect way to explain myself and I wish I could record myself talking about it, but honestly the keyboard has always been the best way for me to stay on topic and to be as clear and concise  as possible.

I hope to have this down in a week.

Thoughts as welcome in the comments section.


~ by BlizzardTerrak on July 31, 2013.

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