Cosplay Drama: The Imminent Lack of a Cosplay Apocalypse

A pint of ale, a pint of blood

Buys men without a name.

We never care who wins the war

So you can keep your fame.

  • (Mandalorian Drinking Song, translated and edited for strong language)
    • From Republic Commando: Triple Zero

Cosplay Drama: The False Apocalypse

Raven Cosplayer - Kimba616

Raven – Kimba616

I have been going to conventions for about 6 years now, but there has been a growing opinion that the cosplay community will soon die.  There are hardcore fanboys out there who

think that the influx in women should be stopped before the so-called “fake-geeks” totally ruin the cosplay and convention scene.  Even some cosplayers claim that the hobby is forever ruined by so-called cosplayers who have large breasts and barely enough clothing to cover their privates.  From all accounts, people assume the apocalypse is happening.


DISCLAIMER:  The following is a blog where I take a topic that is of particular interest to me that I finally had the ability to do a decent write-up for.  It contains my raw, biased opinion about the situation and was written to create debate and/or discussion so it should not be taken too seriously.

If you feel I am in error, please let me know and we can discuss this.  If you feel the need to bash me illogically, then I suggest to leave now.  I am not making you read this.


The “Fake-Geek Girl” Syndrome

Raven - Faye Lynn Cosplay

Raven – Faye Lynn Cosplay

Fake geek girlsattractive women who allegedly show up at geek events, with not enough “geek cred” for you.

Some very vocal bloggers and cosplayers online (male and female) claim that there are cosplayers who only got into the community to become rich and famous using just their sex appeal.  One of the most recent ones can be viewed publicly below:  (  )

“Sex sells” and in the Geek Culture is no different.  So a couple of women get the idea of making a brand for themselves which turning cosplay into a career.  And the worst part of this is that it actually works.  Some of them became internet celebrities thanks to their bodies instead of their crafting skills.   Many bloggers and cosplayers have reacted negatively to their success.  “They just have a nice body”, “that’s a swimsuit, not a cosplay”, “all they do is show some tits and all the boys run straight for their new mommies”.

So now we have sexy women going to conventions.  People are saying that they are all attention whores who are only there to get famous.  Many people claim that could not tell the difference between Captain Kirk and Captain Picard or whether or not The Avengers are from DC or Marvel.  Sometimes people don’t even ask the question.  They just slap a label on them like frat boys at a strip club.

Now these “fake-geek girls” somehow cheapen cosplay as a hobby.

Badges?  Women Need No Stinking Badges!

Cosplayer - Xemnes

Agent Carolina – Xemnes

First things first.  There IS such a thing as a WOMAN…who IS A GEEK!  Yes, TV, the Media, and Society would only classify women as objects for all the boys to drool over.  Actually women are like men, with a few different parts.  The brain, however, is the same so they can like the same things men (and geeks) like.  So biologically there is no reason why a woman can’t be a comic book geek, a gamer, an otaku, or whatever else geeks happen to like.

Every con, there is at least one hundred inbred males who would go up to a female cosplayer and harass them.  Sometimes they cop a feel.  And sometimes they decide to quiz a girl, as if to check to see if they are a Free Mason or part of some secret Illuminati club.  I always love it when one of my cosplay friends take them to school and whip them good.  (Call me a sadist, but they did have it coming….they had it coming…they only have themselves to blame~)

Unfortunately, this won’t happen just on the convention floor or in front of the camera.  Many women are targeted on the street just because they wear a tank-top or a short skirt.  It’s easy to just say they should just wear pants or dress more plainly but that is plain sexist.  Hell if a woman is wearing a suit or a longer skirt, she is considered unattractive or a prude.  So a woman can’t be sexy and yet she can’t dress conservatively.  Where’s the fairness in that?

Wait a Minute, Who Designed This Outfit Again?

 “The problem is, God gave man a brain and a penis and only enough blood to run one at a time”

-Robin Williams

Hold on, since when has comics, movies, and video games been the paragon for sexual equality.  In almost

Dr. Doom - Constantine in Tokyo

Dr. Doom – Constantine in Tokyo

every form of popular media, very attractive women are commonly seen.  In comics, there is Wonder Woman….let’s be honest, she’s wearing a swimsuit into battle.  I don’t care how superhuman she is, that outfit is NOT practical in the least.  On TV, there was Xena, leather leather everywhere.  In video games, we can start with all the ladies from Dead or Alive and work our way through every fighting game there is.  It doesn’t matter if a man or a woman designed their look, if a woman decides to dress up as a character they like, let them.

For the type of outfit a person wears to get attention, men do it too.  It is true that most males do not dress up in sexy, revealing outfits, but men can also do it to get attention.  Look up The Pokémon Men, a group of well…toned men who are not afraid to show it off.   How about the classic Man Faye?  That got a lot of attention when it was first done.  And of course, there are men who cross-dress to look like Magical Girls or even use prosthesis to turn into a sexy lady any Glenn Quagmire would want to….you know the drill.  And of course, there is always the accurate cosplays from series like Devil May Cry.  Skimpy outfits are NOT destroying this hobby.

Skimpy outfits are not a disease on cosplay.  Both men and women have to do it.  It takes a lot of courage to wear those things in public.  I know for sure me and many other men and women would never be caught dead showing that much skin in public for everyone to see and take photos of.  They know the series and they love it enough to put on a show.  Let them.

In the End, We Are All Losers

Lara - CharmieSweets

Lara – CharmieSweets

I got into this hobby because I started out as a geek, growing up on shows like Star Trek and the DC Animated Universe, movies like Batman and Star Wars, and now I’m playing video games like Mass Effect.  Going to a convention and seeing people dressed up and even pretending to be some of my favorite characters I love, I could not help but want to take photos and go “SEE!  MY FANDOM DOES NOT MAKE ME A LOOSER!”  When I turned into a photographer, I felt I could finally give back to a community that had been more caring than any other.

Did geeks somehow forget that as children, many of us were bullied.  When I was growing up, Star Trek, Power Rangers, Anime, Comics…I was into all these things and because of that I was bullied and was the outcast of the classes up until I graduated high school.  I know many people had similar experiences and having to hide who we are and what we like to avoid getting attacked by our so-called peers.  So what happened to us geeks?  What exactly happened that caused everyone to forget that cosplay is supposed to be “fun”.

Silk Spectre - Damefatale

Silk Spectre – Damefatale

The whole reason us fans go to conventions is because it is supposed to be a fun, safe environment for many fans to meet other fans and geek about the same things we like.  It’s like little break into craziness in which we escape was is socially accessible according to the mundanes of the world.  It is by going to these events that we, as fans, confirm that what we like is NOT STUPID…that we are NOT LOSERS.

As a photographer, these statements hurt me personally because they also attack photographers.  We have to photograph cosplayers and then sort through, edit, and then publish them for everyone to see.  So when people attack a cosplayer for being too sexy, they are attacking photographers as well.  With a lot of cosplayers I see taking a side on this issue, I have to ask myself….WHY?  Why take a side?  Can’t we all just…..Gangnam-style?  Cosplay is fun.  And the best part is that it is optional.  If you don’t like it, feel free to join a different community.  Quit the convention scene if you must, but you’re missing out on a hell of a lot of fun.

The cosplay community is a great frontier.  These were our voyages of cosplayers and photographers.  Our mission was to explore new conventions and new cosplay gatherings.  To seek out like minded fans and make new friends.

To boldly go where few fans dared to dream!

Special Thanks to:

  • Kimba Sprite ( ) for help keeping me on track with this article
  • All the cosplayers who have shot with me over the years and will continue coming to me when they want certain pics of their cosplays done.



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  1. Good post sir… I love it… True that most cosplayered nowadays tend to sheep around on what’s “IN”… Too bad as a cosplayer, alot of good cosplays are being neglected… And most of them are rare characters a few people know about…

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