Dai-Con + BigWow 2013 (Late) After Action Reports

Dai-Con 2013DSC_2704
Dai-Con is run by the UC Davis Anime Club, but you wouldn’t know it from the impressive guest list or how well it was being run.  Registration was quick, even for an Anime Club Convention, guests including Voice Actress Wendee Lee as well as cosplay guests VAMPY BIT ME and Angel Hearts, and all the usual things like a decent Artist Alley and Dealer’s Hall made this convention a very smooth ride.  The only thing that would detract people is that it is still a small con as well as the location (UC Davis during the weekend does not leave much in terms of food or photoshoot locations, not to mention the rather hot weather).  But despite this, I heavily enjoyed my time at Dai-Con.  It did help that I saw a lot of my friends as well as hung out all day with :iconlimitlessedge:‘s Lyn.  That’s new for me.

:dance: – Being able to hang out
:movingon: – Efficiently run
:faint: – Location

Con Rating
:star: :star: :star: (Good)
Fun Rating
:star: :star: :star: :star: (Great)
DSC_6370BigWow 2013

Big Wow! ComicFest can best be described as Fanime for Comic Fans, a mixture of both fans and industry running a convention.  Usually this convention would not be one I would attend due to Final Exams as well as its Proximity to Fanime.  However, being offered a Press Badge and shooting a runway show is something I had to try (especially since I was going to be late to Fanime this year).  Doing the runway show was more exhausting than I had realized at first (mostly since I was forced by other photographers to kneel for the whole show), but seeing a lot of cosplayers  I knew there was cool.  I don’t think I will attend next year (due to Finals/Graduation?) but it won’t be for the lack of trying.  It’s no WonderCon, but it’s the closest we’ll get for now.

:camera: – New Experience for me
^^; – Press Badge
:faint: Right next to Fanime
Fanime Report to come next week.
For the latest in photos:   [link]


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