WonderCon 2013: After-Action Report

Special Thanks:DSC_0578-001

:iconkurisuchiekitty: :iconwrenthefaceless:  :iconvasher:   for letting me room with them.

WonderCon is the younger, smaller version of San Diego Comic Con in every sense of the word.  For those of you who wish to know what Comic Con is like (minus most of the expense and the crowds), this would be the perfect con for you.  As many of you know, the convention used to be located in San Francisco.  Well, I’m sorry to say that I do not think it will come back to San Francisco.  Nevertheless, if you have a chance to go, I can definitely recommend it.


What’s There?DSC_4175-001

Since this is SDCC-lite, there are also industry guests and even several actors/artists/special guests present in addition to the huge Dealer’s Hall/Artist Alley combo.

Plenty to do, not enough time to do it.

For photographers and cosplayers, you have a lot of choices for places to shoot.  The main outdoors area has two fountains in the front (between the Hilton and the Marriott) which are good during the day.  However, if you have decent lighting gear, the nighttime is definitely a great time to shoot since they have colored lights.  There are not many grass areas to shoot.  However, the indoor stair areas are relatively clear, so you can use them to shoot.  Another great area to shoot was the 2nd level above Hall A where there’s a huge balcony and an interesting dark staircase.  And if the weather is just right, there’s always the roof (I only found out about this on Sunday).


Anaheim vs. San Francisco

As some of you know, WonderCon used to be held as the Moscone Center in downtown San Francisco.  Last year, it was moved to Anaheim due to “retrofit work” that needed to be done, so that resulted in a rather stunted WonderCon experience during heavy rain.  This year was clearly an improvement in size as well as attendees.  Considering that Saturday was sold out before the event and Friday being gone the day before, I don’t think WonderCon is going to be moving away from Anaheim anytime soon.  With the amount of people coming as well as the various attractions and deals being made with the hotels, it’s clear that they are quickly establishing themselves in the area.

Part of me wants WonderCon to come back to San Francisco.  Not only is it more convenient for me, but frankly the Northern California area needs a large comic book convention and Southern California already has several (SDCC and Comikaza for start).  However, when I look back, WonderCon was held in an area that was too small for it,  and I remember how badly many photographers were treated by those outside of the convention center (security from other buildings were constantly targeting those with DSLR cameras, but leaving those with point and shoots alone).

At the end of the day; do I think Anaheim should move back?
Truth is: No.   :no:

Now I have been hearing rumors about WonderCon (or a spin-off) moving back to San Francisco.  I hope they do that since Northern California desperately needs a major Comic Convention.  In the mean time however, I think I am going to have a bull’s eye painted on my rear end by saying this, but WonderCon works well in Anaheim.

To my NorCal brothers and sisters, sorry.  =(



Alvaang and co. – Avatar: The Last Airbender
Aura – Saeko Busujima (HotD)
:iconwrenthefaceless:  :iconkurisuchiekitty: – Dr. Strange and Clea Strange

:iconshiimapan: + :iconurza: – Resident Evil
Constantine in Tokyo – Silver Fox  (https://www.facebook.com/ConstantineInTokyo)


Contantine in Tokyo – Dr. Doom  (https://www.facebook.com/ConstantineInTokyo)


:iconvasher: – Scarlet Witch
:iconshiya:  – Ferngully
:iconkimba616: – Raven
:iconvampbeauty: – Zero-Suit Samus
:iconkurisuchiekitty:   :iconwrenthefaceless:  – Red She-Hulk (Betty Ross) and Dr. Strange
:iconloruhcee: – Baroness (G.I. Joe)
Cryptomancer + co. – Professor Snape (Harry Potter)
GnB Cosplay (FB) – Wonder Woman
Ada Mist (FB)  – Ame Comi Wonder Woman


Tousen + Kam Queen (FB)  – Resident Evil
:iconsupatunaxxxcosplay: – fem-Loki
:iconpapertwilight: – femDante (Devil May Cry)

Kazumi Cosplay + co. (FB)  – Black Canary + Zatanna


:iconvasher: – Scarlet Witch
:iconsupatunaxxxcosplay: – Phoenix Force Emma Frost
:iconcrystalcosfx: – fem-Naked Snake (MGS3)
**not actually naked


Final Thoughts:

WonderCon 2013 was a definite improvement over 2012 in many ways.  While the location was exactly the same, thanks to it being the only show in town (aside from Disneyland), the location was better formatted for the amount of people who go for panels and shopping as well as for those of us who prefer to meet cosplayers and do photoshoots with them.  I have mixed feeling about the location of the convention, but objectively I can see that the convention works very well at Anaheim.  The location is good since it allows the con to grow and it has plenty of room for photoshoots.  At the end of the day, WonderCon is staying there and many of us NorCal attendees would not have it any other way.



The Good
:movingon:    –   Badge pick-up went by fairly quickly and painlessly.
:gallery:   – Lots of people, but not too much
:camera:             –  Improvements made to the facility make it better for photographers.
:omg:             –   SDCC without the crowds.

The Bad
:faint:             –  Pricey to attend if you’re not local
:shrug:             – Hard to drive and park, hotel is recommended for multiple days.
:sprint:  So much to do, not enough time.

Con Rating

Fun Factor:


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