Animation on Display 2013 – After Acton Report

SandmanCosplayer: "Harry Hadouken"

Cosplayer: “Harry Hadouken”

Special Thanks:

Carladawn for getting me to cosplay Khota again
LauraC for getting me a room at AoD

Animation on Display (AoD) is an anime convention in Japantown, San Francisco.  For this year, some of the convention’s activities were split off between Hotel Kabuki (where most of the activities are) and also with New People building and Hotel Tomo nearby.  Since I wasn’t going as a regular con attendee, I was primarily between the Peace Plaza and Hotel Kabuki (that was where the majority of the cosplay was happening and as a photographer, that’s where I concentrate my efforts).


RavenCosplayer - Kimba616

Cosplayer – Kimba616

Digital–Love – Homestuck
EliteSlayer + AngelReaper – Giovanni + Persian (Pokemon Conquest)
Rose + 1 – Black and White Mages (Final Fantasy 1)
Kimba616 – Raven (Teen Titans)
“Harry Hadouken” – Sandman
CharmieSweets – Nico Robin (One Piece)

LauraC+ Ikariya – Black Cat and Spider-Man

StrawberyNeko – Korra (Legend of Korra)
CarmieSweets – Final Fantasy
Rexluna – Alice (Alice: Madness Returns)
Midori – Kurisu (Stien’s Gate)
CherryTeaGirl + ? – IdolM@ster
The Great White Cosplayer (FB) + eLisa – Korben Dallas + Leeloo (The Fifth Element)
YomiMaid – Takakura Himari (Mawaru Pingudrum)
return-to-your-heart, kleptomaniac, Sumire – Gundam SEED Destiny

Not My Typical Convention: Cosplayingaod__hotd_by_prototypem-d5vmqyo

Carladawn was debuting her Saya cosplay and since this would be a good time where my photoshoots would not have been busy (in theo

ry), I agreed and THIS TIME I planned half the day to be in cosplay.  So for half the day, I was Hirano Khota from HotD with her as Saya.

Hanging out in cosplay is WAY different than being a photographer.  For one thing, there’s less running around since I’m not trying to make appointments every 30 minutes.  It took a little getting used to when people actually asked us for photos, because I’m so used to basically sidestepping out of the way.  The first couple of times, they asked “Don’t you want to be in the photo?” and it took me a couple of seconds to REMEMBER that I’m wearing a wig and carrying a “nailgun”.  

Still, because of this, I had to severely limit the number of photoshoots I officially took.  I’ll talk more about this in another blog post (probably a “Rant”).

Do I regret this?  Nope.  This was a great chance for me to cosplay for a day and we actually had photoshoots and a few videos taken.  It was nice to “not be expected” to do photoshoots.  I needed a break, and this was a good (if strenuous) vacation.
Final Thoughts:

Cosplayers:  "The Hungry Cosplayers"

Cosplayers: “The Hungry Cosplayers”

I’m keeping the report short because….well it’s hard to write about a convention when I didn’t really go for the convention.  I did attend some of the late night panels since the Convention Guests were involved in Celebrity Jeopardy and Cards Against Humanity….and they were served alcohol and the “swearing rule” was CLEARLY OFF.    That was a great laugh.  I’m sure someone probably recorded it and posted it on Youtube by the time I post this report.

In term of why you should go, there are the usual suspects:  Guests, Cosplay, Dealer’s Hall/Artist Alley.  If there is one logical criticism, it’s the location.  While I do love Japantown, as a photoshoot location, it is difficult, particularly during major events like AoD and especially Cherry Blossom Festival.  The popular areas are just filled with people so it makes photoshoots extremely hard until night, but by then it’s either too cold or party time.  This is not the convention’s fault, just something to keep in mind.

I have to say, I still love going to AoD, but mostly because of how easy it is for me to go.  If you’re coming from far away (and people do), it’s harder to recommend over conventions like Fanime or ALA.  However, if you got con withdrawals and need an excuse to cosplay, you could do a lot worse.


Cosplayers:Iikariya + LauraC

Ikariya + LauraC

The Good
– I was cosplaying and people liked it.

The Bad
– I had to deny shoots do to how busy I was
– Hotel issues causing back problems
– HOMESTUCK being their usual noisy self.  (Sorry for offending)
*Note: They weren’t as bad as in PMX or ALA, but they were still a big portion of the con attendees….but I’m not sure they “technically” count since I’m not sure a lot of them had badges.

Con Rating

Fun Factor:

Personal Complaint:  Hotel Kabuki

Well the plan was to check-in around 12 PM, like most hotels do.  However, when my hotel party got there, they kept saying “our room was not ready yet”.  Unfortunately, I brought a lot of cosplay material and photography gear, so I ended up storing as much as I could in the luggage

check, but I had to carry about 20-30 lb. on my back so it really tired me out.  We finally checked in at 4, which cut into my first two planned photoshoots of the con because I seriously needed a shower and to apply patches and medications (mostly painkillers).  Also, the room was designed weird with no closet (WTH?) and a shower with see-through glass.  Lucky the shower wasn’t a big deal.  The closet….well that’s just stupid.  =\


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