Anime LA 2013 – After Action Report

Special Thanks:

I don't think she's into you, dude.Cosplayers: Yukari-Kaiba + Fool of Leuda

I don’t think she’s into you, dude.
Cosplayers: Yukari-Kaiba + Fool of Leuda

mkamzng1 for the Hotel Room arrangements
PrototypeM and dorkangle for bringing my extra kit and prop bag.

Anime Los Angeles is one of the first anime conventions of the year.  Hosted at the Marriott LAX Hotel, the con has quickly outgrown its locations with thousands of fans, cosplayers, and photographers attending the con.  This is a cosplayer/photographer con in that much more of the attendees come to test run their cosplays for the year, and us photographers are more than happy to oblige.  It’s a great way to forget some of the bitter taste that 2012 left me and reminded me why I decided to invest in cosplay photography.  Personally, if my year of photography says like this, I would have no regrets.  Physically however, I think I’m gonna pass out.

Day 0 (Thursday)
Un-Go  w/ shiimapan + zetsubou will + version 7.0

Day 1 (Friday)
Chloe Frazer (Uncharted)  w/ Meli Cosplay
Sakura (Street Fighter)  w/ shiimapan
(mini-shoot)  Final Fantasy Tactics  w/ Katsumiyo + ???
(mini-shoot)  JoJo’s Bizarre Adventures w/  hanyaanfaery
(mini-shoot)  Pirotess (Lodoss War) w/ Anonymous_Proxy(ACP)
Legend of Korra w/ Yukari-of-Konoha + Fool of Leuda (ACP)
(mini-shoot)  SAO  w/ Primadonna Cosplay (FB)
(mini-shoot)  Pretty Cure  w/ Shiya
Cammy (Street Figthter) w/ SpiffZaya
(mini-shoot)  Maid Saber (FSN)  w/ Ariel Cosplay (FB)
(Model)  Captain America outfit  w/  SpacePizzaCosplay (FB)
League of Legends  w/ ???
(mini-shoot)  Maid  w/ Primadonna Cosplay (FB)
(mini-shoot)  Aerith w/ Heather

Day 2 (Saturday)
(derp-shoot)  w/  akai-chan and Shun
08th MS Team  w/ shiimapan
Killer 7  w/ Siyegen and zetsubou will
Ms. Marvel  w/ Constantine in Toyko (FB)
Ada Wong (RE6)  w/  xxfruit-cakexx
White Mage Rikku (FF X-2)  w/ AngieRikku
Dead or Alive Gathering  w/ Sweet-Illuzions Crystallike CelestialxAurora GrapeLegJeppeto, Andrea, Primadonna Cosplay
Gundam Wing  w/  Akai-chan
Model w/ Aura
Avengers w/  Bekalou Blueskad00 + ???
Ignis  w/  AngieRikku

Day 3 (Sunday)
Christmas Chi  w/  MangaFreak150
Mawaru Pingudoramu  w/  GrapeLegJeppeto:
Sailor Star Maker (Sailor Moon)  w/  Kimba616 Digital–Love
(mini-shoot)  Trigun  w/  :iconsweet-illuzions:  GinRyuu  Andrea
Siren Gem  (Tron)  w/  Damefatale Cosplay

Final Thoughts:

I’m keeping the report short because….well it’s hard to write about a convention when I didn’t really go for the convention.  I went to no panels, no dances, no activities, not even a stop at the video room.

However, unlike most other cons, they do have the following things:
:thumbsup:  Con Suite:
Provides badged attendies with some food and drink at no charge.  Not enough for a full meal, but enough that


Even soldiers need to Relax
Cosplayer: Constantine In Tokyo

you won’t faint from hunger.  Also, it’s a lot closer than going outside for food.

:thumbsup:  Cosplay Repair:
Didn’t take advantage of it (obvious reasons), but heard it’s got the tools needed for emergancy repairs.

:thumbsup:  Reasonable Weapons Policy:
You’d still need a piece bond, but they’re knowledgible and kind enough to know when to let things go (like Sailor Moon’s wand) and where to put the zip-tie (here’s a hint, many airsoft guns can be disabled simply by making sure the magazine is unloaded, the fire selector on safe, and the trigger be zip-tied.  The gun would either then be continuously firing (preventible by checking the battery), have the fire selector locked by the trigger.  Also, they make sure to zip-tie the handle, which is much less likely to show up in photos, but still easy to show con rovers that your weapon has been approved.

:thumbsup:  Overall competent staff.

If you’re a cosplayer or a photographer, it is a great convention to shoot and meet people.  Just be prepared for the crowds since it is a popular con at a small location.  Also, if you not outside, keep a charger/extra battery handy or put your phone on safe.  Cell reception and 3G/4G sucks.


The Good
:wave:  – Seeing cosplayers bringing out some new cosplays that I like.
:thumbsup: –  Competant Convention Staff
:hungry: – Con Suite actually has some decent grub
:camera: – I got better with using umbrella flash


No Rest for the Hunter
Cosplayer – AngieRikku

The Bad
=(  –  SoCal is still far for me
:ambulance: – Physically exhausting doing shoots

The Ugly
=(   – Good luck using a cell phone…
:steaming:    – HOMESTUCK was literally Half the Con.
(sorry, I KNOW there are REASONABLE Homestuck cosplayers out there, but this is seriously getting worse than the worst Hetalia, Bleach, Naruto, and whatever else combined.  Sorry for offending)
*Note: This is for every convention, so ALA isn’t actually guilty.  Just felt really bad.

Con Rating

Fun Factor:


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