Best of 2012 – Part 2

We Fight For the Citadel – Fanime 2012

We Fight For the Lost

We Fight For the Lost

Shooting Mass Effect at night in San Jose was a brilliant move.  Cosplayers don’t get tired from cooking in their armor, the ambience, the architecture….just all gelled for me.  I am such a big fan of the game and the concept of Commander Shepard as well as good with props and I managed to really think of a lot of good shots/poses that night.  If there’s one nitpick, it would have to be the softer focus due to the low light.  Could be due to my lens or due to my skill (probably both).  Still, it was one of my favorite shoots of the year.

Cosplayers: Xemnas + FireCam
Special Thanks:  BARTBoy





” I may not always like where it leads me, but like any story, the past needs resolution.”

Eyes of a Hunter – Anime Expo 2012
We were just passing each other but I wanted a quick shoot.  Somehow I got the idea of her covering one side with her hand and this was the result.  I say this a lot, but many times, getting that great cosplay shot comes down to luck.  I just loved how the colors came out and how her contacts show up in the shot.  =)

There are plenty of reasons for experienced photographers to do Hall Shots.  You don’t know who you’ll meet, see some very nice cosplays, and even get lucky and find a shot that ends up in your Top Shots of the Year.  Definitely food for thought, since many people (me included) are doing less and less hall photography because “Hall Photos are Crap” or “Hall Photos are for Amateurs”.  Well, in my experience, that is not true.  😉

Cosplayer: phavorianne


Angelus – San Diego Comic Con 2012


“The world has gone too long without my light”

In terms of shooting cosplay, San Diego is both a blessing and a curse.  It’s extremely easy to do hallway photography because of the lighting in the convention hallway.  However, the convention is so large that doing a proper shoot is next to impossible.

Cosplayer:   JenIvy Creative Studios



Shoot 1
Shoot 2


“Be at peace now. Their words can no longer do harm.”

Basking in Righteous Light – BAC @ Ocean Beach 2012

This was one of those happy accidents.  We were shooting in the cave and I kept trying with the flash, playing around with the settings and even burst-fired for good measure.  It was during the burst-fire that my second flash decided to do an overpowered shot.  That, along with the little lighting from the entrance gave her this great glow that still hid her in the shadows.  I’m still trying to figure out how to replicate this at other shoots, but for now, enjoy.
Cosplayer:  Kam Queen




“Hmm…Nice View”

To the Future – Avatar/ Korra Photoshoot 2012

Another shoot that felt great to do.  We shot all over the beach and a small part of Golden Gate park, stayed long enough for dusk to come so I got these nice sunset shots.  At this point, I am started to see the disadvantages of not having a second primary camera with a different lens, but I did what I could and the results were still great.  Nothing like two heroes from different generations (or shows) in the same shot together.  =)

Cosplayers:  Psykitten and Alvaang



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