Best of 2012: Part 1

I couldn’t bring myself to write a “2012 in Review”…it was such a mixed back with extreme highs and lows both in my photography life and in my personal life.

So here are my BEST SHOTS OF 2012….Part 1 (Don’t worry, unlike a certain Mel Brooks film, there will be a Part 2….etc)



Black Cat Photoshoot (Late 2011)

I’m cheating a little, but this shoot was close enough to New Years so I’m adding it to the list.

Friend of mine (Steven R.) introduced me to his friend from across the country so we planned an all day shoot.  The first half was a modelling shoot (unfortunately I only have that posted on my facebook page).  The second half was in her Black Cat cosplay.  We even found a decent, quiet place to have a “city at night” environment.  Being that it was San Francisco in the winter, we were all freezing (mostly her of course ^^; ).  However, plenty of great shots and my first real private all day shoot I’ve every had.  =)

Overall, it was a great shoot since I could take my time and it was great meeting a new cosplayer from a different part of the country.  =3

Cosplayer:  Kimihako Blade

Dragon Dress

Black Cat



“Fighting in the Dark”

Priestess of Azeroth (Anime LA)

ALA was a great convention for me since I was kept extremely busy.  IF I had to find fault in it, it was the limited space during the day.  At night, when everyone was drinking, is quiet enough to do some night shoots outside.  Like this World of Warcraft.  Met her through another cosplayer: KittyCatChi and we did a quick shoot.  ALA was the 2nd time I used the nightstand given to me by Rave2TheJ, but the first time I used it at a convention.  But at might and with a light-up cosplay, it was fun.

Cosplayer: orangemoose


Full Shoot:

Sexy Aang – (Animation on Display)


AoD is a moderate-size local con, but mostly an excuse for many cosplayers to go to SF Japantown.  Made it easy to shoot with local friends.  However, if there was one shot I that stood out, it was this one.  We were all just hanging out and I told him to pose a certain way…..and it was HIGH-LARIOUS to make this shot.  XD

I mean seriously….Aang doing the “Burt Reynolds pose”….classic!



“I never miss~”

Steampunk Sniper – (WonderCon 2012)

I’m not usually good with original characters and steampunk….until you add a rifle and dark, concrete staircases.  Then, apparently I’m a freaking GENIUS!  I love where I placed my second flash because it only lit up a slit over her eye, giving that sense of “focus on the hunt”.  Just so much fun thinking about snipers in the dark.

Cosplayer: Kasea VP

Full Shoot:





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