PMX 2012 – After Action Report

Welcome to Hell: Enjoying the View?
Cosplayer: Yiri Cosplay

Pacific Media eXpo (PMX) is an Anime/Fashioon Convention that happens during Veteran’s Day weekend.  There are the usual panels and guests that happens at many moderately-sized conventions.  What seems to set this convention appart is that it has a higher-than average Lolita and other Fashion emphasis in the con goers.  Nevertheless there is quite a bit of cosplay that appears at this con.

As a photographer, the logistics of the con make it harder than average to take good hallway photos at this convention.  However, since the weather was decent, I managed to move away from the halways and do more photoshoots elsewhere at the con.  Still, since it was a bit windier than anticipated, it was rather chilly, which meant that many cosplayers opted to stay indoors.  Still, despite the flaws, I had a good time and it was a good con for cosplay-aspect of the convention.


PMX is held at the Hilton LAX, right next door to the Mariott where ALA takes place.  The con was basically located on two floors with one additional level mainly used for photos.

First Level: Lobby + Stage Areas.
You get the big lobby area with the staircase.  Sounds great for photoshoots, but with a con going, good luck.  It’s only good for shoots at nighttime when most people are drinking or at the dance.  Still, it is a pretty place and if you can find a time when its not too crowded for a shot, take it.  In the back, there is the dealer’s hall and the stage areas where they hold the dances, Masquerade, and Fashion Show.  I didn’t attend them with a badge, but if you’re seen a hotel ballroom, you know what it looks like.

I spent a lot of tiime here with my hall photography.
Second Level:
Most of the other cons stuff is here: viewing rooms, Maid Cafe, various small panel/workshop areas, con ops, etc.  Not much for a photographer, but again, there are a few areas if you get the timing right when it isn’t crowded.

Third (optional) Level:
Here, there are the four “garden” areas.  It’s really just four outdoor areas with one accessible from the 2nd level, one plain outdoor area, one with a psudo Japanese Tea Garden feel, and the Pool Area.

A few problems though:  It’s dark and your cell phone isn’t going to work unless you’re outdoors.  Oh, and if you have a smart phone (like me) it’s a battery drain so bring an extra battery.

Convention Stuff:
Without a badge, I could only look around but not actually participate in the actual convention events.  They had the usual things: Swap Meet, Dealer’s Hall, Artist’s Alley, Masquerade, and various panels.  And if you every want to stay off your feet, there are also video rooms with various Anime and Asian movies as well as a decent size video game room with tables for card games.  Many of these have more of a fashion (Lolita and other) emphasis so there’s also a seperate fashion show, fashion vendors, and other panels.  And of course, there are various dances and other video programing at night.

(Cosplayer: AngieRikku)

Skip Beat
w/ shirogami520 (DA)  and PeterXII (ACP)

Na’vi (fromJames Cameron’s Avatar)
w/ <unknown cosplayer>
Jade from Mortal Kombat and Ivy from Soul Calibur
w/ blackenesegirl88 (DA) and GNB Cosplay
Final Fantasy Type-0
w/ Kam Queen and Kale Tousen (FB)
Gundam SEED
w/  Mingswly + others
Guilty Crown
w/ shirogami520 (DA), PeterXII (ACP), dualtsumi (DA), and <unknown>
Fakku!  Minishoot
w/ Primadona Cosplay (FB)
Ada Wong
w/ Urza (DA)
Mortal Kombat
w/ Anne Revan (FB), blackenesegirl88, and <unknown cosplay>
w/ AngieRikku

Adventure Time!
w/ Primadona Cosplay (FB)
Old Katara (Legend of Korra)
w/ Phavorianne
Kasumi (from Dead or Alive series)
w/ Constantine In Tokyo
Nobara Yukinokouji (Inu X Boku)
w/ YomiMaid
Vocaloid (Black Vow Hatsune Miku)
w/ Artisticpsyco
Dark Catherine (from Catherine)
w/ Yiri Cosplay

Final Thoughts:

Cosplayer: Constatine In Toyko

The con is alright, but it definitely outgrew the hotel.  I honestly didn’t attend becaue of any of the events they had there (but y’all knew that, right?  :XD: )  If you’re a beginner photographer with entry-level gear, you will have a hard time shooting unless you bring your own portible light source or you manage to move your shoot outdoors.  The con is unique for being less about An

ime and more about Asian media and fasion (Asian movies, Power Ranger panels, and Lolita Fashions being more prevelant).  So if you’re trying to get away from all Anime all the time, but comic conventions are too Western for you, might as well give this a try.

The Good

:wave: – Met new cosplayers and photographers

:+devwatch: – Interesting things to look at
:w00t: – It’s not 100% about Lolita.  ^^;

=D – It isn’t all about Anime

The Bad
:nuu: –  SoCal is still far for me.
:camera: – Ok, YOU try shooting in a darker hotel.  >>;
:noes: HOMESTUCK X__X;
:depressed: – People decided not to go at the last minute…

The Ugly
:no: – Good luck using a cell phone…

Con Rating

:star::star: :star:

Fun Factor:



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