Anime Destiny 2012 After Action Report

Special Thanks to
SamChuu for the guide to the con from BART
PrototypeM for driving me home.

While practically everyone was at Yaoi-Con’s new location in Long Beach, SoCal, I had a lot of time to kill so I decided to finally go to this little con.  I’ve never been able to go before due to scheduling conflicts and coming from San Jose would make the trip rather long and expensive for me.  This time, I was coming from San Francisco, so it was much easier.  The con itslf isn’t too bad and it did get fairly busy later in the afternoon.  Definitely not bad for a “school convention”.

The Con itself:
Of course I didn’t pre-reg to the convention, so I paid full price, but $10 is something I can shrug off.  Local food wasn’t bad either.  The con was pretty much in five parts:  Check-in/Con Ops, Artist Alley, Performance room, Viewing Room, and Gaming Room.  I didn’t stay long at Con Ops or the Viewing Room for obvious reasons.  The Gaming Room had Persona Area, DOA5, Smash, and a few other systems set up, but I only gamed a little bit when there was nothing to do.  I ended up speanding the most time in both the Artist Alley and the Stage.  There were some neat stuff there, but I’m not much of a shopper at small cons.  Unfortunately, the divider between the Stage and the Artist Alley was wide open due to mechanical failure.  I can’t blame the con for that, but it really did suck for the vendors.  I only stayed at the stage to shoot for Ti@Mi performance.  The rest of the con was spent shooting.

As usual, the Stage was kinda dark to shoot.  And since blinding the performers using my flash is not a good idea, I ended up holding down the trigger, so more than half my total shots came from this.  However, since it was a bit darker and Ti@Mi (for those of you who don’t know) are dancers, so lots of blurry pictures came out from this.  Still, got some good ones, all of which you can check out on my Facebook page.

However, I came to do some photoshoots and I was not disappointed.  It was a sunny day for the con, a nice day to come out and hang out.  I hid under the shade for the early afternoon shoots.  For Persona, I just stuck to the tried and true lighting scheme.  For Homestuck, I killed the ambient lighting since I that that was more appropriate.  Psylocke and Ramona shoots were very exhuasitng since I had to constantly move around quickly from side to side, close-up, and on the ground.  I even had to do “walking fire” for Ramona since she was on skates.

Since it wasn’t a big con, I was actually glad to do so many types of shooting for just a simple con.  After combing over the photos however, I saw I still need to watch out for my fingers over the lens and how I focused on the subject in front of me.  Definitely need to watch out for accidental soft-focusing.

SamChuu – Rise (Persona 4)
yuyamaki771 – Homestuck
Psykitten – Psylocke
Roxanna Meta – Ramona Flowers (Scott Pilgrim)

Bottom Line:
If you’re not into small cons, this one won’t convince you otherwise.  It’s a small event and unless you’re local, it might not be worth the trip since parking is a pain.  BART made it easy for many of us to go to this and there are some interesting things in Artist Alley.  Overall though, I had fun thanks to the people.  It has been more than a month since my last photoshoot (SacAnime Summer 2012) and my trigger finger has been very itchy since then.  If you need an excuse to gather in one place to hang out, you could do worse.  I think, though, that there is a lot of potential for cosplayers and photographers.  UC Berkley has a lovely campus with several different types of backgrounds.  Besides the usual staircase and Con-halls, there are shops, mini-forests, and some older-style buildings (classical, modern, etc etc….I’m not an architectures buff) which makes for neat places to shoot.  I hope to come back again, this time with more shoots.  =D

:camera:  UC Berkley is a nice campus to shoot on, if you are willing to do the walk
:camera:  You have no idea how frustrated I was to not have a photoshoot for a while.  I needed this.

:shrug:  It’s a small con which is subject to the mercy of the Campus Administration
:blah:  Having the Artist Alley unshielded from the Performance Room.

Con Rating

Fun Factor:

I am confirmed for Friday night, Saturday and Sunday for Pacific Media eXpo (PMX) in November.  I haven’t started a sign-up yet, but let me know via PM or in the comments section if you’re interested.  Looks to be somewhat quiet con for me though, since most people already went to Y-Con and the rest need time for thier personal lives (finals) or prepping for ALA and other cons in 2013.


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